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Here I'll be sharing a variety of client stories as well as personal and educational articles. Read on to meet the special needs princesses I see every year, find client information, read about the tips and tricks I use on kids, and check out what gear I love.



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December Personal Roundup

I certainly meant to do a lot more in December than I got done, but I ended up making a last-minute trip to Seattle for my sister’s maternity photos and then spent the next two weeks pretty much stuck in bed. December started off amazingly well. I bought a new camera, I spent a bunch […]

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November Personal Roundup

November was definitely a slower month for me personally. It was covered up in getting all of my clients taken care of for the end of the year, so I don’t have a ton of time to myself in any given November. We put up a new Christmas tree, my Thanksgiving cactus bloomed, and I […]

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October Personal Roundup

I feel like I just disappear every year around this time. I know every other portrait photographer out there is the same. These past two months I’ve taught 1 class, had 37 client appointments, had 3 speaker appointments, 13 personal appointments (doctors or hair), and placed about 90 orders with five different companies for clients. […]

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September Personal Roundup

September was SUPER busy for me for travel. I went on a teaching road trip all over new england for Hunt’s store and it was so fun. For september, my home garden continued to do poorly, but at least we had door frogs and cocoons. I got some beautiful images at the gardens this month […]

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August Personal Roundup

August was a fun and yet not fun in a few ways month for me. First up, I moved into my new studio! I left my 12×12 little room and I’m in a huge place now. It’s glorious to have all that room and I can do so much more in it now! The very […]

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July Personal Roundup

July has been a very slow month for me, mostly just prepping for a big studio move. I bought plants for my garden and went looking at plants in the botanical garden with friends. I laughed at my cat, had fun with the girl I nanny after school, and then had to make sure I […]

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June Personal Roundup

June was an absolutely insane month of travel for me. I was actually away from home more than I was here for June. It started with a trip to Glastonbury CT to see my honorary nephew graduate high school and do his graduation and senior pictures. I was home for about a week after that […]

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About Me

I’m Heather, a 6-foot redhead with a camera who believes in fairytales.  Years ago, with my Early Childhood Degree under my arm, I became a lead instructor in a classroom with eleven 2-year-olds. It was loud, chaotic, and messy, and I absolutely loved it. During the day, I often took photos for the parents so […]

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May Personal Roundup

In May, it was a really emotional month for me. The Botanical Gardens here had an absolutely glorious month. full of roses and foxgloves. I think the prettiest I’ve seen the rose garden ever! I flew out to Seattle to teach but I picked Seattle because my sister lives there and I haven’t seen her […]

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April Personal Roundup

April turned into a very fun month for me! It began not-so-fun as John’s boss had a house fire. The building was a total loss, but there was a lot that was spared inside that she was able to keep, like her wedding photos and older keepsakes. I had some magical azalea princess sessions, and […]

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