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I'm Heather. 

Let me show you the vibrant color I see in your life.

I tell my clients “I’m a six-foot redhead, you can’t miss me!" Before I started my photography business I was a preschool teacher, which has now given me 25+ years experience working with children.

Based in Athens, Georgia, I'm a SIGMA America Ambassador and an internationally known photographer that creates colorful, authentic images for clients around the world. 



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From teacher to photographer

25+ years of working with kids like yours

I’m Heather, a 6-foot redhead with a camera who believes in fairytales. 

Years ago, with my Early Childhood Degree under my arm, I became a lead instructor in a classroom with eleven 2-year-olds. It was loud, chaotic, and messy, and I absolutely loved it. During the day, I often took photos for the parents so they felt more connected with what their kids were doing. I loved how the photos made the parents feel. They appreciated seeing this tiny little window into their kid's world…playing, happy and thriving.  

Now, I create photos of mamas-to-be, babies, and kids in mythical fairytale settings, and I call it “Fairyography.” These photos are a glimpse into a magical place filled with joy, something I think we all need more of. 

Fairyography is about more than dressing up and playing; it’s about capturing the inner magic every human has inside them and celebrating that.  The pretty dresses and fairy wings are the catalysts that help unearth the magic. Plus, they’re just fun. Who doesn’t like swirly and sparkly things?

I keep the sessions fun and interactive. According to my smallest clients, my humor is right on par with theirs. I’m tall, but my jokes are definitely kid-level. 

The journey to motherhood is amazing, but many women feel like they lose themselves a little in their pregnancy. These photos will show you a transformative side of your femininity and will show you how beautiful and powerful you are. 

Fariography also transforms parents…because no mom wants to be remembered as “the mom who always drove me to school.” 

Being remembered as “The mom who let me dress up like a fairy princess for photos and kiss unicorns” is WAY cooler. 

In my spare time, I also teach photographers how to do macro photography sponsored by The Sigma Corporation. Being an Ambassador for Sigma has brought teaching back into my life, and I love when things come full circle like that.

My world is big yet tiny, and I love it. I share it with my husband John and a roving band of blind cats in Athens, Georgia. 

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Studio Information

The Fairyography studio is located in the East Side area of Athens at:

It's a basement studio in the Waverly Woods subdivision. My studio is around the back of the house. Call 706-338-4414 when you arrive!
The studio has an ordering room, a large shoot room, and a private garden we can take pictures in!

235 Great Oak Dr, Athens GA 30606. 

View my SIGMA Ambassador page

I am a current SIGMA America Ambassador. Although SIGMA produces several camera models, the company is best known for producing high-quality lenses and other accessories that are compatible with the cameras produced by other companies. SIGMA is the world's largest independent lens manufacturer. I've used SIGMA lenses for my entire career, and exclusively since 2015. They're (IMO) the fastest and sharpest lenses on the market.

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Heather Larkin Photo Events

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• Jan 1st – March 20th – Ice Fairies! Ice fairies are blue toned and look like something right out of Frozen! I add in snow and ice to the final photos. Sessions take place around 3:30pm

• April 10th – May 31st – Spring and green! The leaves are growing back on the trees, the weather is warm, and flowers blossom! Sessions happen around 6:30pm

• June 1st – August 31st – Summer. Lush and green, but hot in the evening. Sessions happen at 8am. Perfect time for toddler sessions and early families.

• September 1st – October 31st – Later summer. Evenings are nice again and the greens are a deeper color, flowers still blooming. Sessions happen around 5:30pm

• November 1st – November 20th – Fall! The leaves change to orange for just two weeks, with peak beauty being around the 12th. Then they all turn brown and fall off the trees. Sessions happen around 4:30pm. Fall family sessions are beautiful. 

• November 20th – January 1st – Ice fairies again! Ice fairies are blue toned and look like something right out of Frozen! I add in snow and ice to the final photos. Sessions take place around 3:30pm

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We are a luxury portrait studio based in Athens, GA specializing in creating unique and vibrant images that capture the best of maternity, newborn, family, senior and Fairyography clients.

Our studio is located at:
235 Great Oak Dr
Athens, GA 30605
235 Great Oak Dr, Athens, GA 30605