January 11, 2022

Why you want to order in person

Client Info

Client Info

Why do some photographers do in-person ordering appointments instead of just a gallery? Let me tell you why I am one of those photographers and why that’s actually a GOOD thing!

You can see the products

Online shopping is always a bit hard to know what you’ll get. I know I always go right for the testimonials section to read what other real people thought about that produce. That still doesn’t always tell you how heavy or solid it feels or if it’s made cheaply or not. I want you to know exactly what you’ll be getting from me, which is why you’ll come into my studio and see what I have to offer.

You can see and touch and hold them. I want you to know why my albums are heavier than the ones from other places. I want to show you the difference between luster finish and deep matte. It’s easy to say ‘my prints are all backed with styrene’, but not many people know what that actually means! You can also see the sizes. Is a 16×20 going to be best on your wall or will it be too small? Hold the product. Feel the difference. Know what you’ll be getting, and be thrilled with your custom artwork!

It’s less time

Ordering appointments usually take about an hour and a half. Unless we are feeling chatty that day and we are talking about things that have nothing to do with photos, hah! This is way way faster than trying to do it yourself at home after the kids are all in bed and you’re tired. On average it takes most people anywhere between three days and a week to make an online order with a photographer. It’s faster if you can come in and get it all done in less than 2 hours.

You can compare images

My ordering software lets us look at images side by side whereas most gallery software doesn’t. Flipping back and forth and waiting for the pages to load trying to decide which image you like best is pretty time-consuming and frustrating. We can pull up two similar images and we can compare them together.

I help you make your choices

I help you instead of just leaving you on your own to ikea your way through difficult choices. It also helps to know why I like this image over that one. Why one image might be better for a certain location and in one frame over the other. I can help you choose the album cover material that goes best with the image you picked for the cover. I can also just pick it for you.

You can tell me what needs to be fixed

Do you love that one picture but her hair is in her face? I can fix that. What about you want to hang this gorgeous photo but there’s a bruise on one knee? I can edit that out too. I don’t always spot the same things you do since I don’t live with your babies, so you know better than me what’s going to pester you daily every time you walk by. Instead of trying to tell me over email, you just point to it in the studio. Let’s get those fixed before you get them up.

You can see them bigger

I have a giant TV in my studio that I run all of my ordering appointments with. Your computer or laptop or phone at home won’t be as large. Bigger is really better when it comes to viewing your photos. We can see them big but also zoom in and check every hair.

Less distraction so you can enjoy it

Seeing your images for the first time is like getting a Christmas present. You may cry a little if they’re everything you’ve dreamed about for years. But trying to do it at home in a tiny gallery in bed after a long day isn’t the best way to make important decisions. I want you to fully love your whole experience, so coming into the studio means you can focus on the photos and not what’s going on around you.

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