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Here I'll be sharing a variety of client stories as well as personal and educational articles. Read on to meet the special needs princesses I see every year, find client information, read about the tips and tricks I use on kids, and check out what gear I love.



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9 Epic Tips for Capturing Kids in Photos

Ready to embark on a thrilling adventure of capturing kids’ behaviors in photos? Brace yourself for an exciting ride filled with laughter, creativity, and boundless joy! Photographing children requires a touch of magic and a whole lot of enthusiasm. In this blog post, I’ll unveil nine epic tips that will have you dancing with excitement […]

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Why you should book fairy photos for your girl

Every little girl loves to dream of being a fairy. They imagine themselves fluttering through the air, helping animals and people, and living in a magical world. A fairy photo session is a great way to capture that magic and give your daughter a day she will never forget. There are many reasons why a […]

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Why you should book dance photos

Ballerinas put in hours upon hours of practice to perfect their craft, and it’s only fitting that they capture the beauty of their movement with professionally taken dance photos. By booking a dance photoshoot, ballerinas can preserve their artistry and share their passion with the world. Firstly, dance photos provide a platform for self-expression. Beyond […]

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Brand new moms: you never knew you needed these!

You’re either pregnant or you just delivered… you know you need a crib and a stroller and a boppy pillow and diapers and a car seat.. you’ve got all that covered. What about things you’ve never heard of that will make your life so much easier? Here’s a list of all the things you didn’t […]

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How to prepare for your newborn photo session

Before photo day The morning of the photos In general

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Why you should be in photos with your kids

Your kids love you and want to see you I love going through old pictures that my family has in storage boxes in the attic. I love knowing what my mother looked like before she was even married. I love being able to see my own face in my father’s mom’s face. It’s like looking […]

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Why you want to order in person

Why do some photographers do in-person ordering appointments instead of just a gallery? Let me tell you why I am one of those photographers and why that’s actually a GOOD thing! You can see the products Online shopping is always a bit hard to know what you’ll get. I know I always go right for […]

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What should we wear? – Athens Photographer

One of the most common questions every photographer gets is “What should we wear for our pictures?” It can be super frustrating to try and coordinate outfits and pick colors that look good one everyone. Good news for you.. I provide all the dresses for my sessions unless you’re looking for something personal or you […]

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What happens if my kid doesn’t behave for photos?

We’ve all been there. The toddler who has missed her nap and the resulting meltdown at the slightest little thing. We can’t predict the days that this will happen, just like we don’t control the weather. But what happens when that day is photo session day? I’ve been a teacher or a photographer for 20+ […]

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How to totally ruin a photoshoot

Over the years, I have had the misfortune to make a few mistakes myself and kill the mood. In the early years of my business, when I was a little bit less confident in running a session, I had a few rough sessions with some moms who were worried about the outcome and didn’t see […]

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