March 6, 2023

Brand new moms: you never knew you needed these!

Client Info

Client Info

You’re either pregnant or you just delivered… you know you need a crib and a stroller and a boppy pillow and diapers and a car seat.. you’ve got all that covered. What about things you’ve never heard of that will make your life so much easier? Here’s a list of all the things you didn’t know you desperately needed.

1: Baby Brezza Formula Maker

This gadget gets top billing on my list because it will save your life if you’re doing formula feeding at all, even just supplementally. It makes a bottle at the right temperature without bubbles or clumps.. in literally about 5 seconds. Not a minute, not 30 seconds, not even 15.. just FIVE SECONDS. I got to use it while doing newborn photos for my sister and it was so amazing that I had to make this blog post JUST so I could tell everyone about it. There’s also one you can control with Wi-Fi, but that seems silly to me since you still have to get up and get the bottle.

2: Baby Brezza Bottle Sterilizer

This is another machine that I saw at my sister’s house. It basically just steams the bottles upside down so they’re disinfected, definitely useful. You just put the bottles in with all the caps and nipples and vents and everything, then set it for 60 and it does the rest. Steams up, then dries them as well!

3: Bumco Diaper Cream Applicator

You need this. Oh my goodness, it’s fabulous. Use it with Boudreaux’s Butt Paste (only the best!), and it’s basically a crack spackle spatula. The butt paste is super hard to wash off your fingers, it gets all under your fingernails, plus who wants to put your fingers all over a baby’s butt 10 times a day? The spatula just wipes it all over where it needs to go, then suction cups right to the table so it doesn’t flop over and get cream all over the place.

4: The Baby Shusher

It’s just a simple machine that goes for either 15 or 30 minutes and just goes SHHHHHH. That’s it, that’s all it does.. but it’s so effective at getting babies to sleep that I have one in my studio for newborn sessions.

5: Baby holder daddy shirt

My client dads have talked about this shirt and how much they loved feeling involved and included. It’s just a shirt with a baby swaddle built in so he can carry around the bundle. Plus it takes some of the (literal) pressure off mom for a while!

6: Ahava Mineral Hand Cream

You wash your hands like 20 times a day now, what’s a lotion that can repair that but that won’t be gross on baby’s skin and still smells ah-mazing?? It’s this one:

7: Bissell Little Green Spot Machine

Face it, you’ve got a spot-maker now. Either you’ll get spit-up on the couch or a poo blowout on the carpet.. you’ll eventually need to clean it up. This machine is tiny but powerful. I actually have one for my cats because we have one that has a problem with cleaning up down there and he regularly will chocolate starfish the couch or floor. Gross. Fix it with this:

8: Sink Glass and Bottle Rinser

No more scrubbing out the bottle and then trying to rinse all the soap bubbles out of it for days as it foams up again and again. Just flip it over and press it down, and a jet of water blasts the inside of the bottle (or wine glass) out without splashing everywhere. So Easy!

9: Peri Bottle

No one really wants to talk about downstairs recovery after delivery, but that’s why you need this thing. It’s a squirt bottle to clean those sensitive hard to reach areas yourself without needing help.

10: Newborn Photos!

You probably DO know all about these already, but you absolutely want to have professional photos done so you can see and remember how small and how curly they were when they were fresh out of the womb. They’re done within 6-10 days after delivery, so booking early is important. If you’re in the Athens GA area, contact me for newborn photos now!

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