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Unicorn Photo Sessions

Just imagine... the unicorn's soft white fur and little delicate horn pairs perfectly with the couture dress and princess crown your daughter is wearing. The tiny flowers around her neck and her dainty little horse hooves are also covered in glitter and sparkle in the sun. Your little girl can gently braid her mane while whispering secrets into her soft ears, hugging her, walking her, and giggling with her. 

These dreamy portrait appointments are the best of the southeast and are sold out quickly every year! Sky the unicorn returns for photography every June in Watkinsville at Piccadilly Farms. The farm is a plant nursery, so they have some of the most gorgeous lawn and trees available around. The lighting there is perfect for pictures too, softly filtered through the leaves. I provide dresses and crowns for girls sizes 4-16. Mother-daughter photo sessions are also available!

What I love most about these fantastic fairytale photo sessions is that the unicorn is totally safe for children. She's actually trained like a dog! She knows how to stand, to walk, to stop on command. Her little ears perk right up for treats too. She's kind and loves girls from small kids all the way to teenagers.

*Because Sky is a live horse who cannot see her feet, for safety's sake I don't offer these sessions for girls under 4 years old.

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Unicorn sessions are the easiest way to capture that magical childhood feeling without lifting a finger! Your girls just show up, glow up, and you get gorgeous photos before they grow up.

"I truly love my album and wouldn't change anything.

It is even more beautiful than I could have anticipated--the weight is unreal for that front cover and the leather is just absolutely perfect with the overall design choices. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I so wished that I lived in your area and that I could have been in your presence when I saw my album for the first time because you deserve to see the joy, the absolute delight in beholding all of that angst-ing over those pictures come full circle."

- Deanna, Seattle WA

What To Expect

Unicorn sessions are each 30 minutes long and we make sure it's a fun and enjoyable experience for your girls. 

We will begin by getting your daughter changed into her unicorn photo dress. I'll have picked out a special dress in her size, along with a crown to go with it. Dresses will be long or short, but always in pastel colors or whites so they don't overwhelm in the photos.

Elaine (Sky's trainer) is on site and in charge of Sky at all times. Your girl will be able to pet her, hug and kiss her, give her treats, walk with her (and if she's big enough, run with her). Elaine knows horse body language and will keep everyone safe while working.

Sky will snuffle your daughter's hair, go through her dress looking for more treats, eat all the grass around her and dribble it everywhere, stick out her tongue, and generally love on your girls while enjoying the pictures!

Wardrobe is important for these sessions! I like pastel colors the best because the unicorn is white. Anything dark tends to overwhelm her instead of being a compliment in the images, so I tend to stick to light colors. Pink, baby blues, silvers, whites, lilacs, etc. I also tend to like longer more full dresses for these sessions as well, they just tend to be a bit dressier, but I use shorter ones on hot days. I provide the wardrobe for these sessions, so you don't have to worry about it!

Meet Skye, The Unicorn

Sky the unicorn is a miniature horse. Not a pony, she's smaller and daintier. standing just 30-38 inches tall. Mini horses come in all kinds of colors, but Sky is a snowy white. The funny thing is that when she was born, she was fully black coated, then slowly changed over years. When she's not cleaned up for photo sessions, she enjoys rolling in the clay and being as dirty as possible.

She's trained like a dog. Sky can jump, turn, stay, walk beside gently. She can only carry about 40lbs, but she can pull a lot more, so she's also trained to pull a small child in a two-wheeled driving cart. Elaine is Sky's owner and trainer, and she takes care of all of Sky's commands at our photo sessions. Elaine and I have learned what makes a photo session with unicorns run smoothly, so we can work together to get the best images in the 30 minutes we have for the photos. Sky has a very soft horn so everyone is safe from sharp points.

Dates & Pricing

Our next unicorn sessions will take place September 16/17 2023

Session Packages

Two packages:

1: 7 images for $995
2: ALL images for $1950

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Please remember that for safety, unicorn sessions are only available for girls aged 4+.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to bring my own dresses?

Definitely not! I provide all the dresses and wings in sizes that will fit your girls. I buy them specifically so that they are easy to move in, comfortable to wear, and not too hot for summer mornings. If you have one that you like that you would rather use, definitely send me a picture so that I can make sure it'll work for the location we choose.

What if we get sick?

If you or your kids are sick for your scheduled session day, then don't worry! We will simply reschedule. I'd rather see you when you are well than force you to come to a shoot where I have to edit out red noses and boogers.

Is the session fee for sisters?

Yes it is! The session fee covers all daughters under adult age in a single household. So while it's not for cousins, it's definitely for sisters.

My child has special needs.

While I was going to school for early childhood education I focused on children with special needs! I have plenty of experience working with children with special needs, and I have no concerns that I can accommodate you as long as I know in advance what those needs are!

What if my little girl is under age 4?

For safety reasons I don't accept anyone under four for these sessions. The unicorn is a live animal and she cannot see her feet. I don't want little toddler toes to be stepped on or anything worse than that.

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