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Glam Ballerina And Urban Dance Photos

Glamorous and feminine ballet photos. Elegant ballerina portrait sessions with a dance wardrobe to highlight your grace and athleticism. In studio or outside romantic dance portraits with a focus on soft florals and feminine colors that still show off your muscle tone and skill.

Years of experience working with answers allows me to understand what makes a good ballet photo. Classical posing mixed with contemporary lighting makes for modern yet timeless elegance in the resulting photos.

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Experienced posing that helps dancers to get the best images, no matter the skill level.

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"It means so much to me that I got to see my 11 year old see herself as beautiful. She’s at the age where she is a little self conscious. She never rushes to show me a picture of herself, she usually cringes. However, with you, she saw herself as I see her. That is better than any photo you could ever take of her (although I know those will be stunning).

You are a pleasure to work with! We can’t wait to work with you in the future. Thank you again!"

- Catherine Lindsay, Georgia

Dance Photos

not only unique and exciting, but also as technically perfect as possible.

My style is colorful and fun. Vibrant photos are important to show off the real character of your passion for dance. I am known for being patient and taking the time to get a perfect photo that shows off all the skill you or your dancer have worked so hard to attain. The poses we pick will not only complement the dancer but the locations. The lighting and poses will also show off all that muscle tone that takes so much time and skill.

A photo session for dance, gymnastics, or aerialist photographs on the urban streets of downtown Athens or in my studio. Athletics aren't just sports. They require large amounts of strength, endurance, effort, and willpower. These photos are meant to show off your athleticism, grace, and beauty. With over 10 years of portrait photography experience, light, color, and form are things I understand well.

If you're a student dancer, part of a company or solo, or even an instructor, stunning promotional material is essential. Maybe you're a hobbyist doing trapeze, or even a professional gymnast and you just want good photos of you doing what you've worked years on.

Dance Headshots & Audition Photos

admission into ballet summer intensives and dance companies depends on a good audition photo. 

Usually directors want to see a clean and technically perfect first arabesque. Ballet audition photos are best in-studio to reduce unneeded clutter around the dancer.

In addition to audition photos, a good dance headshot is required for many companies and summer intensives. Directors want to be able to see the dancer's face, and a clean, simple headshot is crucial.

If you are a dance school owner or director, offering your dancers and their families spring or fall photos in their dance costumes can be part of the services your families love at your dance school. I will come and set up in your own dance studio, and families will get three poses to choose images from.

As a dance photographer, I can also say that I also enjoy photographing ballet recitals and dance events. You can book me to photograph your next theater production. 

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