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I'm Heather. 

Photographer. Teacher. Redhead.

I am a current SIGMA America Ambassador. I've used SIGMA lenses for my entire career, and exclusively since 2015. They're (IMO) the fastest and sharpest lenses on the market.

Contact SIGMA for scheduling me as a speaker if you'd like to have them there for your event or conference.

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Teaching and Speaking Engagements

Macro photography, fairytale shoots, working with kids, album building & selling

I am a 6ft tall redhead and I am very animated, so my classes attract an audience even when people hadn't originally planned on staying to watch them! Contact SIGMA for scheduling me as a speaker if you'd like to have them there for your event or conference.

Hunt's Camera New England - September 2023 - Portrait deep dive
Samy's Camera Los Angeles - October 2023 - Fairy portraits and macro class
Shutterfest - April 2024 - Photographing my bestselling pose, ballerina photowalk, IPS demo, and how to style a photo session

ClickCon - August 2023 - Kids and dancer photowalk
B&H Photo NYC - July 2023 - Ballerina photowalk
Shutterfest - April 2023 - Photographing kids, ballerina photowalk, IPS demo, and how to style a photo session
Precision Camera Austin - March 2023 - Fairy demo masterclass
Unique Camera Philadelphia - March 2023 - Macro walks and booth demos
Imaging USA - January 2023 - Photographing kids with special needs, plus booth demos at Intuition backdrops and Imagen AI
Olli UGA - October 2022 - Macro photo lecture
Hunt's Stores New England - September 2022 - Macro and portrait walks
Pixel Photo Fest - August 2022 - Macro photo walk, Ballerina photo walk, Family masterclass
ClickCon - June 2022 - Macro photo walk
B&H Optic - June 2022 - Macro Lecture
Unique Photo Philadelphia - June 2022 - Kids lecture, Macro and Fairy photo walks
Kennmore Camera Seattle - May 2022 - Fairytale Photo Lecture and Walk
Glazer's Camera Seattle - May 2022 - Macro Photo Lecture and Walk
Shutterfest 2022 - April 2022 - 4 classes for macro or kids photo sessions
Samy's Camera Los Angeles and Padsadena - January 2022 - Fairytale styled sessions and macro photo walk
Bedford Camera - November 2021 - Macro Photography Webinar
Unique Photo Philadelphia - October 2021 - Fairytale Photo Lecture and Walk
B&H Photo Video New York City - October 2021 - Macro Photo Walk
Pixel Photo Fest Cleveland - October 2021 - Studio Demo plus Urban Kids Lecture and Walk
Focus Camera in New York - August 2021 - Macro Image critique online with SIGMA lenses.
DIG Photo Club in Arizona - July 2021 - Live editing class online.
Unique Photo Philadelphia Flower Show Walk - June 2021 - In-person class in Philadelphia with an online class about macro photography before the event. 
Athens Photography Collective - "Pricing yourself for profit" and "In-person sales", 2 part set 2018
Finao albums booth at Imaging USA 2018 - Speaking about how to shoot to sell an album.
Athens Photography Guild - July 2015 - Paying attention to the backgrounds and your composition can make better photos before you even press the button.
Fairyography Workshop for Photographers, 2016
Several video How-to guides for other photographers on prop building, 2012
Canon Digital Learning 3 part article, 2009

Check The Press!

Fairyography has been featured in multiple publications

Sigma lens blog - February 2023 - 50mm 1.4 First Look

Sigma lens blog - October 2022 - Gritty street macro in NYC!

Professional Photographer Magazine - October 2022 - Real-life Fairies,  Heather Larkin sprinkles magic into the lives of children

Sigma Lenses blog - July 2022 - Macro photography with a 600mm lens?

Sigma Lenses blog - April 2022 - Black and white photography with the I series lenses

Sigma Corporation of America You Tube - November 2021- A relaxing macro walk in New York 

Sigma Lenses blog - September 2021 - First look at the new SIGMA 90mm2.8 DG DN lens!

Sigma Lenses blog - September 2021 - The SIGMA 105mm macro lens paired with the SIGMA fp L camera!

Click Magazine - June 2021 - How to choose the right lens for a styled photo session - Read about my lens choices, then watch a behind-the-scenes video on a real fairy photo session!

Sigma Lenses blog - November 2020 - Creating magical memories with special subjects

Sigma Lenses blog - October 2020 - A day on the farm with the sigma 105mm F2.8 DG DN Macro Art lens

Professional Photographers of America - April 2020 - How Can Photographers Get Creative Despite Being Stuck at Home? Let These Photographers Show You How!

Sigma Corporation of America You Tube - April 2020 - Getting Creative at Home with Macro Photography 

Finao Albums Interview - January 2020 - Click here for video

Good Housekeeping - April 2017 - You Need to Buy This Calendar of Hairy Men Dressed Like Fairies

Today Show - April 2016 - Men pose as 'Hairy Godmothers' for April Fools' Day joke

Finao Hairyography Album 2016 - Click here for video

Scary Mommy - April 2016 - These Hairy Men Dressed As Fairies Will Make You Believe We Got Tinkerbell All Wrong - Men dress up as “hairy godmothers” as an April Fool’s Day prank

Westchester Weddings - Mother Daughter Portraits

Beaux Couture Magazine - Mar 2016

Southern Distinction Magazine - Spring 2016 - Secret Gardens

Today Show - November 2015 - Astonishing fairy tale photos help sick kids enjoy magic moments

Professional Photographer Magazine - May 2015 - Happily Ever After, Fairyography puts a little magic in every portrait

Clickin' Moms - Jan 2014 - Interview link

Grady Newssource - September 2013 - Video Link

Athens Parent Magazine - True Stories of Real Princesses

Canon Cameras - Digital Learning Center, September 2009 - 3 part article on photographing children with Canon cameras

Athens Banner Herald - June 2009 - Living Section 

Accent Gwinett Magazine 2008 - Ours for a time, Remembering Meredith Emmerson

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