January 4, 2023

December Personal Roundup

Heather Personal

Heather Personal

I certainly meant to do a lot more in December than I got done, but I ended up making a last-minute trip to Seattle for my sister’s maternity photos and then spent the next two weeks pretty much stuck in bed.

December started off amazingly well. I bought a new camera, I spent a bunch of time delivering client prints and framing things, and my husband’s gift to me came early and was amazing! Check out that ponytail palm!

We also went to several art markets so that I could buy Christmas presents and fill up the new bigger tree with unique ornaments.

I had a lot of fun with the new camera and my macro lens.

I’ve then ended up going on a last-minute trip to see my sister in Seattle to do her maternity pictures. I got an airport manicure on a three-hour layover, enjoyed the sunset, and then promptly hit myself in the face with my own computer and split my lip.

I ended up arriving with a sore throat and just got sicker, then flew back home sick and proceeded to get worse. It ended up being two trips to urgent care and they threw the entire medicine cabinet at me while I coughed my lungs out for two weeks and could only sleep propped up by pillows. I ended up with antibiotics, two different sets of steroids, a shot in my butt, an inhaler, cough syrup, cough pills, muscle relaxants because I pulled a rib coughing, sedative allergy pills that didn’t actually sedate me, and nose spray of two different kinds. I have no idea what I ended up getting, tested negative for Covid three times and it was not the flu or strep either. I finally got better a little bit before Christmas, but by then we had realized that I had given the germs to my husband so we spent Christmas home in bed.

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