June 6, 2023

9 Epic Tips for Capturing Kids in Photos

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Client Info

Ready to embark on a thrilling adventure of capturing kids’ behaviors in photos? Brace yourself for an exciting ride filled with laughter, creativity, and boundless joy! Photographing children requires a touch of magic and a whole lot of enthusiasm. In this blog post, I’ll unveil nine epic tips that will have you dancing with excitement as you freeze those unforgettable moments of pure childhood wonder.

  1. Embrace the Patience Party: Take a deep breath and enter the patience party zone! Remember, stress is not invited. Let your inner Zen master guide you as you create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. By radiating tranquility, you’ll transform the photo session into a serene oasis where kids can be their authentic selves.
  2. Let the Fun Begin: Time to unleash the laughter, silliness, and downright goofiness! Playful games and wild adventures await. Encourage the kids to jump on the bed, embrace their inner superheroes, or even wiggle like jellybeans. The more fun you infuse into the session, the more authentic and joy-filled the photos will be.
  3. Distraction-Free Delight: Picture-perfect moments deserve distraction-free locations. Seek out enchanting spots away from the irresistible allure of playgrounds or zooming firetrucks. By choosing a serene setting, you’ll have the undivided attention of your tiny subjects, resulting in captivating images that truly shine.
  4. Banishing Bribes: We’re waving goodbye to bribes and waving hello to genuine connection! Instead of resorting to tricks, build trust and rapport with the kids. Shower them with praise, appreciation, and high-fives for their cooperation. By nurturing a positive relationship, you’ll capture their purest expressions and heartfelt engagement.
  5. Energize with Activity: Ready to match the energy level of superheroes in training? Incorporate a whole lot of action into your photo session. Be prepared to embark on thrilling walks, explore hidden nooks, or even engage in spontaneous dance-offs. The more activity you weave into the session, the less wiggling and more amazing shots you’ll capture.
  6. The Power of the Chair: Ah, the mystical chair of containment! Channel your wizardry and introduce this magical prop. It’s a secret weapon that tames those lively feet, keeping them in place for perfectly composed shots. The chair provides a sense of stability while adding an element of whimsy to your photographs.
  7. Empower with Jobs: Transform kids into your trusted sidekicks by assigning them thrilling tasks. Be it guarding a secret treasure, standing on a leafy island, or even helping you with your camera gear, these roles make them feel important and engaged. Their beaming smiles and enthusiastic participation will light up your images.
  8. Reverse Psychology Sorcery: Ready to witness a smile-filled enchantment? Put on your playful wizard hat and try reverse psychology! Whisper the sacred words, “Don’t smile!” and watch the magic unfold. Laughter will burst forth like sparkling fireworks, capturing genuine expressions that overflow with pure joy.
  9. Sibling Superheroes: Unleash the power of sibling dynamics! When faced with a less cooperative little one, turn the spotlight on their sibling. Suddenly, the once grumpy superhero will transform into the ultimate sidekick, eager to outshine their brother or sister. The camaraderie and friendly competition between siblings create unforgettable moments that will leave you spellbound.


Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey of capturing kids’ behaviors in photos. Armed with these nine epic tips, you’re equipped to create a photo session that radiates pure magic and brings out the best in children. So, let your enthusiasm soar, embrace the magic and go crazy with the kids!

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