November 2, 2021

Why you want detail shots

Client Info

Client Info

Your newborn’s tiny little lips. Your baby girl’s little fingernails she’s chewed off. Her dainty little hands as she picks flowers or runs her hands through her hair. Tiny curls down her neck. Her perfect sweep of eyelashes over her freckled cheeks. I love all of these little parts of what makes each girl unique. They all deserve to be in the spotlight for a time.

Detail shots are an important part of each Fairyography session. Read why you don’t always need a face to tell a story!

Things she does that you want to remember

Does she twirl her hair around her finger while she’s walking? Maybe she always picks at the hem of everything she’s wearing. Or perhaps she picks flowers everywhere she goes? Does she walk on her toes all the time? Even if it’s not things that she’s doing, it’s things that she is that will go away. Chubby baby fingers or fat thighs. You want a reminder that she does these things when they eventually stop, or at least don’t happen quite as often.

They break up an album

Have you ever read a children’s illustrated storybook? Have you ever noticed that they’re never just standing there looking right at the reader? That’s because they illustrate the story that’s happening. The same for your albums. They’re a story of that day, and while I know you do want some photos of her smiling face, the storybook would get pretty boring if it were ONLY face after face after face with the same expression. You need things to break up the poses and help keep the story moving forward and flowing well.

They help show the smaller parts and make them bigger

Detail shots allow you to see the smaller bits of the dress or wings or crown, but they don’t necessarily need to be printed big on your walls. Each one of these photos is in the client’s album, but there it helps tell a story while on the wall it would be somewhat incomplete.

My absolute favorite movie scene is in the movie A Little Princess. It’s a scene where she wakes up and twirls in the snow. That’s it, really. That’s the whole thing. You can see it here: Pay attention to how many clips do NOT show her face. There are a few that don’t show her head at all. The entire movie has clips like that, but that scene is the most magical, in my opinion. The scene with the snow would not be as magical or storytelling without the clips of her hair and hands in the snowflakes.

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