November 7, 2021

Meet Violet – 2021 Memorial Princess

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Violet’s nominator writes “My neighbor is Violet and she’s 5 and she’s struggled for the past few years with terrible seizures. In and out of the hospital, isolated from her peers. This fall her doc has told her she cannot start Kindergarten due to Covid and she’s devastated. She’s a huge Disney fan and loves playing dress-up. Her mom is also cool because she fosters rescued dogs….who have nowhere else to go…..even dealing with this disease. The seizures keep coming more and more and no med seems to control them. 

From Heather

Since I have epilepsy myself, this girl is close to my heart. Her epilepsy is called ‘intractable, which means that her seizures don’t respond well to medication and therefore she doesn’t have any warning on when the next one will be. This is really dangerous for obvious reasons, but it can also be socially hard because it’s scary for other people to be around. She didn’t have a seizure while we were out, but I was prepared!Apart from her condition, this kid is hysterical. I can’t decide if Violet is actually a child or if she’s someone’s grandma in a pint-size kid body. We were discussing the dress, which is a size 8 and she’s a size 6, but I brought it with me because her favorite color is (duh) violet. So I said to her mother “Well, the dress is two sizes too big.” and Violet pipes up and says “You could have asked me my size, I would have told you.” She told me all about how we need to save all the trees we can because the world needs shade. She told me those pink flowers smelled like “Perfectly picked ripe strawberries.” When I replied that they didn’t smell like strawberries to me, she replied “PERFECTLY PICKED ones!” Oh yes, sorry, Violet. I think she’s about 60 years old in there, I swear. Next, she’s going to bake us all cookies and tell us a story and then introduce us to all of her 12 cats.

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