September 14, 2021

Why you should get an album or a matted print box from your photo session.

Client Info

Client Info

It’s no secret that I include an album in all of my packages. The question is why? I believe that everyone should walk away with printed products from their photo sessions, and a box or an album is a great start.

Why you should pick a photo album

The album company that I work with is top-notch. I love them so much that I even speak for them at photographer conventions. I tell all my clients that I could throw the album out the window and run it over with the car and it would be just fine. Each album is handcrafted and completely custom. You pick the images that go in it of course, but you also get to pick the image on the cover and the material that the album is bound with. I think my favorite material right now is velvet. There are several cover options and design options for the interiors, which means hundreds of thousands of combinations resulting in something completely custom for you. A photo album is slightly more traditional than a matted image box and tends to hold more images with a storybook layout and feel. Albums are also slightly more durable than an image box and can easily be handled by little fingers without worrying about destruction. See more about albums on my website:

Why you should pick an image box

Matted image boxes are kind of a deconstructed album. Image boxes hold either 15 or 25 matted images in a well-constructed box with a magnetic closure. The white mats around each image have a light texture and can be either rectangular cut, circle cut, or oval cut. Matted image boxes are great for taking an image out, putting it on a shelf, and swapping it out with something new when you’re in the mood for a fresh image. If you don’t care about keeping the box altogether, it’s also great for gifting single images to relatives. See more about matted boxes on my website:

A good variety of images over the years

Both the album and the matted image box or a great way to get a variety of images from your photo session without practically building a shrine on your walls. Since Fairyography session clients tend to return several times, matching albums or matching image boxes are a beautiful way to watch the years go by without running out of wall space. And just think, you can be that embarrassing parent who breaks out the images or albums before a first date or at her wedding!

No CD’s or drives stuck in drawers or lost in drive crashes

Printed photos are always super important. Grandma isn’t going to rush back into the house to save the CD in a drawer if there’s a fire. CD’s corrode and you can lose images easily in a hard drive crash, but one thing that will always be there for years to come is printed photo products. An album or a box is something that you can hand down to your children as they grow up and their children can enjoy the magic as well.

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