January 4, 2021

Top 10 photos for 2020

Top 10 Per year

Top 10 Per year

These are my 10 favorite photos from 2020. I’m sure we can all agree that 2020 was utterly crappy for everyone. Fairyography was no different, but I definitely had ten top favorite photos from this year. I usually love landscape photos the most, but I was surprised that this year 9/10 of my top 10 were vertical portraits! Usually, I have more than one location, but since no one went anywhere this year, these are all taken here in Athens GA.

My second maternity session in my life. We had to walk through a bunch of dead plants to get to this spot, but the light was too perfect to pass up. The maternity gown that I put her in was a bit less green than this, so I changed it to match the fern greens a bit better. For me, this image is so special because it’s only my second try and I feel like both of them have been utterly magical. The mothers have been happy to get dressed up and feel beautiful for a day, especially during this weird year! Plus they’re totally not lying about that pregnancy glow!! Sigma 85mm 1.4 DG DN art lens on the Sony a7riv body
I knew the second I clicked the shutter on the camera that this photo would be in the top 10 for this year. This ballerina is SO amazing. She’s on the short side which is hard for dancers, but she’s SO powerful. That fabric is long and heavy, she needed all of her muscles to get it airborne over her head so beautifully. Plus then she has to get into position, on pointe, in the grass, without getting the fabric caught in the tutu, then not fall on her face once the image is taken.
Sigma 105mm 1.4 Art leans on the Sony a7iii
This image I love so much. This girl is so perfect in this shot too. I love how the dress is twiring and fluffy. I worked so hard on these rose gold bird cages. I painted them myself, arranged the flowers in them, and set this all up for early morning perfect light. It came out exactly as I wanted (which rarely happens).
Sigma 105mm 1.4 Art lens on the Sony a7iii body
I don’t often take teens for fairy sessions (that’s now changed!), but I was so excited for this session because this is her Sweet 16 photo session. We planned together what she’d wear, and I knew this dress would be perfect for her with her gorgeous princess hair. I also never get to use these wings on smaller kids because they’re so huge. I love her perfect little toes there all scrunched up like she just belongs in a fairyland where she walks around without shows all day. Sigma 105mm 1.4 art lens on the Sony a7iii body
This photo of this ballerina in a black tutu was actually a setup pose. She was getting ready to do something else I’d asked her to do, and this was her getting ready to do it and me testing my light. But I just loved the pose, the grace, and the concentration you can see on her face. Her legs are gorgeous and the background is perfect for this picture. Sigma 85mm 1.4 DG DN art lens on the Sony a7iii body
This photo was actually a model call because I wanted to add some really flowy dance dresses to my website. This ballet dancer does such an amazing job with whatever crazy thing I ask her to do, and I don’t know how she had a leotard in exactly the color of that overdress. This was one of the first images I took with the brand new Sigma 85mm DG DN 1.4 art lens for Sony when I was testing it. The backlighting and flow of this dress was everything I wanted from this session.
This beautiful ballerina in her red tutu is actually a girl I’ve taken photos of before in this same tutu. Red is definitely her color, and when I did porch swans for charity earlier this year I requested this tutu again. This was taken in her backyard, in a little forested area right beside thier deck. I wanted to sun to have a magicsl feel for this image and it sure did! Sigma 105mm 1.4 Art lens on the Sony a7iii body
What a stunning child. I really love the color in this image. It’s fall, but the pink dress stands out. The backlighting on the parasol really helps frame her face with sun. I love how her face is tilted up to the trees, and the foreground trees make sure she doesn’t look pasted in. I didn’t mean to make it tilted (I can’t shoot a straight photo ever), but when I straightened it up again it didn’t look as magical. To me, this is perfectly magical and makes me wish for fall days.
Sigma 85mm DG DN 1.4 art lens on the Sony a7iii body
This gorgeous image was my favorite from this year’s magical unicorn sessions. This girl and Sky really connected and I loved watching these little moments they shared together. My favorite part of this photo is that both of their eyes are closed. Sigma 85mm 1.4 DG DN art lens on the Sony a7iii body.
This photo of this little girl sitting on a stone wall is so very princessy and magical. I love the backlighting, but my favorite part is the tilt to her head and the studious expression on her face. I asked her what she heard in the trees and she was seriously focused on trying to hear the birds. Fun fact: I always go for safety first, so what you don’t see in this photo is her mother crouched behind the wall with both hands in the back of her dress just making sure nothing happens. Sigma 105mm 1.4 art lens on the Sony a7iii body

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