November 16, 2021

Why I provide dresses and wings for all of my photo sessions

Client Info

Client Info

One of the founding ideas that I had when I was in the very beginning of Fairyography was that I needed to provide the dresses and wings for all of my photo sessions. But why? Wouldn’t it be easier for me if I just let you get those? Not really, no. Here’s why!

It’s easier for you

It would be easier for me to just leave people up to their own devices and not include the dresses and wings, but it’s definitely not easier for you when you’re trying to plan a photo session. I feel like it’s super important to serve you and make this photo session the easiest thing ever. I want you to just show up and have the most amazing time. You can’t do that if you’re worried about finding the dress in time, worried about receiving the wings from Canada… etc. It’s no fun for you to plan all those back-end details plus get your kids prepared. Imagine getting to the location and finding out that in the rush to get the kids in the car, you left the dresses at home. Not awesome. That’s why I have it all for you already.

Enjoy the moment with her

There’s a moment when I open the back of the car and you and your girl can see the dresses for the first time. It’s always a moment I hear a little gasp from everyone. Not only does she get to be excited about them, but so do you! There’s magic in seeing them for the first time. Then getting the dresses on her, you get to experience all of that while looking at her sweet face as she melts, instead of fussing with the ties or buttons or lacing. Just be present in that moment as she gets dressed, crowned like a queen, and gets her very own wings.

Consistent Style

I want the dresses and wings to showcase your girl, not smother her. I have vendors from all over the world, and each of them has a unique style that they design in. Some people make adorable short dresses, but the long ones look like they’re going to eat the child. Others make gorgeous long dresses, but the short ones are way too short. Some make fluffy dresses, others make long flowing ones. But though all this, they need to look like fairy or princess dresses. I spend a lot of time researching the gowns that I do buy, and I want them to have a consistent look and feel. I also buy in sister sets. I’ll buy similar gowns that are meant to go together in a range of sizes so I have a pair or a trio for all the girls in a family. Then there is matching the headband or crowns with the dresses. You’d go through a lot of stress trying to do that on your own!

Tested for comfort and durability

Moms are always shocked when I let kids splash in the water, climb trees, and roll through the grass in these dresses. I want authentic photos of your girls living their best life at that moment. They can’t do that if they’re not free to do what they want to. I tell people “if it’s not a tank, I don’t buy it.” The truth is, if it’s not a tank, I can’t keep it in one piece so there’s no point in buying it! Also, the kids can’t enjoy the session (and therefore no good smiles) if they’re itchy or corseted too tightly, or tripping over the dress, or carrying around a gown that weighs 35lbs. I do have a vendor that enjoys big big gowns, but if the dress weighs the same as the child, it will not be fun for her. And if it’s not fun, then there’s no point to any of this. So I test these gowns and make sure they’re good before we get there so your babies will have the absolute BEST most magical experience ever!

They’re expensive

In the beginning, while I was building a client closet, I had people asking if they could just bring their own outfits At first I thought that would be amazing, but I soon learned that it was pretty rough. Because people had no idea where to get the REALLY good dresses (and back then there weren’t many places at all), they would show up in whatever they could find at the Halloween store. It was cheap-looking, and that cheapness showed up in the final photos. To get the dresses that last, it costs a bunch. Most of my gowns range from about $180 to $500 each. Then they have to all go together if you have more than one daughter, so that means buying more than one from the same place. Then you have to store those somewhere so they don’t get damaged before the session.. it just becomes a huge pain for you.

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