November 23, 2021

How to have a stress free maternity photo session

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Client Info

Somehow, being pregnant and hormonal doesn’t lend itself very well to having one more thing to plan and not freak out about it. Here is the Fairyography guide to having a stress-free pregnancy photography experience.

  • Get your hair done
    • I highly highly recommend having your hair professionally done. Not only is it one less thing for you to worry about that day, but you are guaranteed to get some thing fantastic that will last the entire photo shoot.

  • Get your makeup done too
    • Make up artists are usually way better at making us feel glamorous than we are ourselves. When you know that you look your best, you feel confident and that comes across in every photo. If you’re doing it yourself, don’t cake it on. I can fix a flaw that shows through the makeup fatser than I can fix too much makeup.

  • Get your nails done too
    • Your hands will be in the photos, so tidy nail will just add a bit of icing in an already great picture. You’ll be thankful you did in those close-up baby belly photos.

  • Stop worrying about your body
    • You’re growing a human life, you’re pretty much about as magical as it gets right now. You want to feel super conficdent for your pictures. We’ll talk about dresses that can minimize or cover your discomfort areas. I’ll pose you in flattering positions. As for the rest, that’s what photoshop is for.

  • Book for about 28-32 weeks so you’re not uncomfortable
    • Of course as the baby grows, you do too. Eventually baby runs out of room to grow out and just starts growing up. Your feet swell, walking is hard, breathing is harder.. you don’t need to be strolling around everywhere for pictures while you’re feeling like that. I do make sure you get plenty of breaks, but it’s still a walk. Book earlier so you are glowing and have a bump but you’re not miserable while we’re out! Don’t forget to wear your comfy shoes for your pictures!

  • Have someone else take the bigger kids
    • If you have older children, have someone else along with you to manage them if you want them included in your images. You don’t need the stress of having to keep a toddler off of somrthing dangerous while you’re trying to pose for pictures. Usually what we do is get a bunch with your other babies, then send them off with dad or grandma while you and I finish up your photo session without them.

  • Drink a bunch of water
    • Drink water. More than you think you’ll need. Yes I know it’s a fine line between hydration and peeing all the time, but you need to be hydrated to have great skin for pictures. BUT then don’t forget to pee before you arrive.

  • Come try on dresses before your appointment
    • I’m totally happy to meet you in my studio so you can try on the growns before your photo session day. You’ll know which one you feel best in and is the most comfortable.
  • Be confident and don’t worry
    • Really and truly, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to let go of your stress and don’t worry about the results. I know it’s hard to do, but confidence comes through in every photo and if you feel nervous , you’ll look nervous, and there is no fixing that.

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