December 25, 2021

No bake Cherry Cheese Pie recipe

Heather Personal

Heather Personal

This recipe is a staple in our house for Thanksgiving or other holidays. I love that it makes 2-3 pies so you can share with friends or neighbors.

You’ll need:

3 Pillsbury graham cracker crusts (8in, or two of the bigger ones)
2 sticks Philadelphia cream cheese (no other brands, I am telling you)
3 cans of Comstock cherry pie filling (I like the more fruit ones)
1 pint heavy whipping cream
1 cup white sugar
A mixer with a whisk so your arms don’t fall off (stand mixer is best so it can work while you’re doing other things)
Big spoon and a small butter knife and can opener

Time: about 30min

The steps:

1: Put the sugar in the mixing bowl
2: With the mixer running on low speed, cut small-ish chunks off the cream cheese using the butter knife and add it to the bowl. Do not make bugger than one-inch chunks. The sugar helps grind it up. Do this slowly until you’ve added all the cream cheese. It’ll all be clumped up on the beater when you’re done.
3: Still at low speed, shake and pour the pink of whipping cream in. Pour in slowly so it doesn’t slop all over. Do your best to get some in the center of the beater so the big blob of cream cheese falls out.
4: Stop the beater and scrape the bowl so you have everything in there.
5: Turn that sucker up to speed 25% for about 30 seconds, then up to speed 50% for another 30 seconds
6: Turn it all the way up and let it go for about 3-5 minutes. Really beat the absolute hell out of it until it’s fluffy.
7: Stop mixer and get the big spoon. Ladle this mix into the pie crusts. It’ll be thick enough to stand up on its own.
8: Press down but DO NOT STIR into the pie crusts. Picking up the spoon too much will result in the whipped mixture pulling up the crusts. You’re only looking to flatten it into there.
9: Press the extra goo out of the cherry filling cans using the lids, your fingers will be dyed a bit red after this for an hour or so. This is why I like the ‘more fruit’ cans, they have less goo in there.
10: One can per pie, just toss it on there and spread it around with the open can itself.
11: Put lids back on pies and refrigerate overnight to set up. You can eat them immediately, but they’re messy. If you give them a chance to set in the fridge overnight, they firm up a bit and act more like pie slices instead of pie glop.

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