November 15, 2020

Meet Wynnie – 2020 Memorial Princess

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Wynnie’s nominator Marcella writes “Wynnie is the sweetest girl I have ever met. She is always so joyful, happy, and smiles and waves at everyone she meets. She never meets a stranger and is the most precious girl I’ve met. Wynnie is 2 years old and has Down syndrome. Wynnie is a fighter from even before the first day she came into this world. When her mom went into her check-up at 16 weeks, she was told Wynnie had a 1 in 44 chances of having Down syndrome. She and her husband went to see a specialist and had no idea what they were about to hear. Wynnie had three larged, cystic hygromas. One of the cystic hygromas was going to possibly lead to her not making it into this world. Wynnie also had a dilated kidney, and echogenic fluid in the heart. Down syndrome became a small part of Wynnie’s life, and it was about Wynnie making it into this world. She overcame all odds and entered as a beautiful, healthy little girl. Wynnie has a fighting spirit and told the world, “yes I’m here and I’m going to make the world a better place!” And boy, has she! Wynnie has already made a huge impact on everyone she meets at only two years old by spreading her contagious smile and laugh. Her mom and dad are so involved in giving back and the community. I know them from ESP and they are constantly doing everything they can to support other families. They have shared their story, met with other people with Down syndrome, given their time and support, and always asks how they can help. They’re also an extremely kind family and will go to lengths in providing a loving home and thriving future for their daughter. Her parents take Wynnie to ESPlay, a therapeutic play group for kids aged from birth to three, Wynnie sees many therapists, doctors, and specialists today. She works so hard on her skills and uses sign language to communicate. I am nominating Wynnie because she and her family do so much for others, and I want to give back to them and thank them for all they’ve done. And of course because Wynnie would be the perfect fairy and model and would be adorable in a photo shoot. She has to fight for everything, and does it with a loving and beautiful spirit. Also, I want them to have these photos for her parents to look back on their struggles now and remember life gets better. There is hope and joy that Wynnie brings that every day in her life.

From Heather

Wynnie is one of those kids that makes the world a better place just by being in it. Her contagious smile just invites you in, and there is no way you can not smile or laugh with her. She doesn’t talk.. yet. I’m sure she’ll get there, fighter that she is. She may be quiet, but she is not silent! She shows you exactly what she wants. She has the cutest gummy smile and loves the itsy-bitsy spider song beyond anything else we had for her. Her little chubby arm rolls and her round toes are precious holdovers from her baby-dom. Her best features are her giant smile and her eyes. Her bright blue eyes have little white starbursts in them.

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