November 15, 2020

Meet Winry – 2020 Memorial Princess

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Langston was nominated by her mother, who writes “I know that there are many special little girls out there that should be shown that no matter what they are a princess. The Little girl I want to tell you about is Winry Purdy. She is a 7-year-old little girl. She is wild and strong. A bit crazy and the funniest Little girl, you will ever meet. If you ever need someone to talk to she will talk to you till she is blue in the face. There is not a day that passes by that I am not thankful to have her in my life. The best thing about her is that she is the best big sister anyone could ask for. She always makes sure that her sister is taken care of. She goes as far as sharing her tooth-fairy money with her. We knew that Winry was special from the moment we had her. She will tell you the best thing about her Birthday is that she has the same birthday as her mom and grandma. We have always been in and out of the hospital with her. It seems like if Winry can get sick she will. When I was 7 months pregnant with her baby sister Winry had her first set of complex febrile seizures. The cause for them was an ear infection. Since then she has outgrown the seizures but she has had 4 surgeries on her ears and has lost hearing in her right ear. But the two things that make Winry who she is and make her have to fight and be strong every day is the fact that when she was 6 years old she was diagnosed with Severe ADHD and Early-onset bipolar. For me, the hardest part, to begin with, was bipolar. if was like a switch was flipped and she went from being my sweet little girl to crying in a corner and pulling clumps of her her hair out. She has worked hard to learn the steps it takes to control what she is feeling. I have seen this little girl fight and struggle every day. School is really hard for her because she has a really hard time focusing. A lot of people and kids have a hard time understanding her because she bounces off the wall and can some time be too much to handle. I just want to show her how special she is to us. 

From Heather

My husband has ADHD so I have a little experience with that, but not the Bipolar. I expected Winry to be busy and fast, she sure is both of those things. Her sister Abra is the complete and total opposite of Winry. Winry chattered nonstop about everything she saw or thought, bouncing off the walls everywhere. If you want to feel old and slow, go hang out with this kid.

At one point the girls decided they were fairies in the fairy realm and were giving us mortals (her mom and I) a tour. This tour began with “NO TOUCHING ANYTHING!” so of course her mom and I looked at each other, grinned, and turned to touch everything we could. The girls yelled at us and lightly slapped our hands. I thought this was funny as hell, but their poor mom has apparently had to explain this before many times and started apologizing for me being smacked. I had to tell her that I expected that, it was in-character for the fairy guards to had just told us not to touch anything, and entirely funny. Apparently they’ve been fired by a few other photographers in town because no one can control or anticipate Winry’s busy-ness? ::shrug:: She’s quick and bouncy, but not unmanageable. She stood where I asked her to as long as I has silly things to say to her.

The whole session was a fun (except Abra falling on her face and scraping up her knees, thank goodness for the first aid kit in the car!) romp through the woods with two bouncy fairies. I’m sure you can see their personality in each of these photos.

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