November 15, 2020

Meet Kira – 2020 Memorial Princess

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Kira’s nominator Jessica writes “Kira is the perfect kiddo for your Memorial Princess Session. Kira was born with a mitochondrial disease that causes her body to not convert fat to energy. As a result, ensuring that she eats food is necessary and her diet is restricted heavily. Kira suffered from seizures for many years and due to her disorder, she experienced developmental delays and is considered special needs. Her mom and I taught together and that is where I met the amazing Kira. This ten year old has so much spunk and gets excited over everything! She loves to do musical theater and isn’t shy. Last year she got a service dog named Hera and the two wear matching clothes because dressing up is one of Kira’s favorite things. Unfortunately, in March, Kira got really sick and ran a fever for over 80 days. Contrary to what the doctors first thought, she tested positive for COVID. Now, several months later, she is still experiencing extreme fatigue. They did a news story on her : Kira and her family have been through so much the last ten years and her mom ended up having to quit teaching last year because of Kira’s constant appointments. There isn’t much known about her disorder and new things pop up randomly. For example, last year Kira developed tics. She has been such a trooper through the last several months and I feel like Kira deserves to feel like the special girl that she is. Please consider Kira!

From Heather

When I called Kira’s mom to chat about her, one of the first things her mom said was (utterly deapan) “Kira hates pink.. because it’s my favorite color.” If that gives you any insight to Kira’s personality there it is. So I took a purple dress, a blue dress, and a green dress.She picked the purple one at first, but it was long enough that she was tripping over it so we went back for the green one instead which was much more comfortable for her. I definitely love how green and gold looks on her, and green is the color for mitochondrial disease. Green also fit the theme of the session. I think this hour and a half ended up being more botany lessons than actual photographs! This child wants to know about everything around her! We spent time talking about fairies, about leaves, about what plants are edible, about birds, about what fish eat. You name it, we talked about it. I definitely think she has a future as a scientist or a naturalist! There was nothing she didn’t want to know about and nothing too gross for her! I think she’s pretty much open to everything in the world except for maybe pink. She asked me what flowers were which, and then actually remembered! Lots of kids asked me what flowers are these, but none of them actually really care or pay attention as much as she did.

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