February 12, 2022

January Personal Roundup

Heather Personal

Heather Personal

I had a pretty amazing January to start off the year! I had two trips, and it was a decently mild weather month so it was nice to be outside as well. I would’ve been going to Imaging USA (biggest photographer conference in the US) to speak, but both of my vendors Sigma and Finao pulled out.

January garden pictures are my winter Daphne that is not blooming yet and my wormwood that has frost all over it. Nothing else really going on in the garden right now.

My first January trip and the first trip of the year involved going to New Orleans to hang out with Teena so that we could your plan instead of going to imaging USA. I couldn’t cancel my flight, so I just went there instead. We had a great four days of making the best plans ever for 2022. I also was on a horse farm much more than I expected to be, and of course the cats found me and I saw the fattest goat I’ve ever seen in my life.

Of course we took some time to brainstorm while walking the trails and looking at macro stuff. Not a whole lot of bugs to be found, but we did find some frogs and lizards and frostbitten ferns.

Because the pandemic restrictions are still in place for Mardi Gras, lots of people are decorating their houses as parade floats instead of going to the parade. These house floats can get pretty intricate! I also picked up two souvenirs, one pair of NOLA pothole socks and one Café Du Monde beignet cup.

Right as I got home, it snowed! Snow in Georgia is of course really rare, and it had just snowed the previous weekend while I was in New Orleans! Georgia getting snow two weekends in a row is just insanity. It really was pretty much only a dusting but it was fun to see.

I had about four days at home to snuggle with my husband before it was off again! I tell you, tall girl problems don’t get any better no matter what airline you fly. My knees are always smashed into those seats. This time, I was heading out to Los Angeles and Pasadena to work with Samys camera and Sigma to teach classes out there. The flights weren’t much, but flying into LA at night with all the lights lit was one of the most magical experiences ever.

My first class was in LA and it was a how-to photograph children class at the Virginia Robinson Gardens. I had 15 people in my class and it took a while to sell out, but it did! We had a most perfect model and gorgeous gardens to work in! I think everyone had a super fun time and the 72° weather definitely made it even more wonderful.

The second class in Pasadena was a macro class. I had a quickly sold-out class of another 15 people that we took around the Descanso gardens to do closer plant pictures. We didn’t find any bugs that day, but there were some really interesting flowers blooming. It was also Saturday and apparently, all of California was there with their children, so I’m not surprised we didn’t find any bugs that day.

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