March 2, 2022

February Personal Roundup

Heather Personal

Heather Personal

February was definitely slower for me this year. I have a lot of things going on in the background but it’s of course not very warm for pictures and nothing is blooming. All my pre-work for the year is done in January and February, so that’s mostly what I’ve been doing. I have a project that I am working on that should be launched in either April or May but it’s taking up a lot of brainpower right now.

I was able to get out to the botanical gardens after some rain and get some nice raindrop pictures this month, but I haven’t been out very often because there isn’t a whole lot in bloom right now.

I also had a few ice fairy sessions that I really enjoyed during a warm weekend. I always love these because the kids have so much fun blowing glitter all over me. I make sure to use biodegradable glitter and I don’t let it get on the ground anyway, but it gets stuck all over me and my camera for sure.

I’ve also been doing a lot of prep work in my garden here at home. I’ve decided this year that I want to grow as many flowers as possible for at-home macro photography, and so I ordered a ton of bulbs and seeds. I have tulip bulbs already planted and they’re slowly starting to come up, but the rest of the things that I hope to grow this year have not been planted but I am very excited.

John and I had a wonderful last weekend of February. We felt like Covid numbers were low enough to actually go down inside at our favorite restaurant here in town. We haven’t been back since March 2 years ago. We order out from them all the time, but this is the first time we’ve actually been back to dine inside instead of outside. The tulip bulbs that I planted are all starting to come up and I’m super excited to do some macro photos of those. Our big weekend project was actually tearing all the rocks and weeds out of the front garden bed in our house. It was looking awfully sad and so we had a great time destroying the garden and tilling it in preparation for planting soon.

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