December 22, 2018

2018 – Personal Year in Review. Two fully positive things from each month in 2018. This was a super hard year for me because we lost our 17 year old cat. She was more than a cat, she was a person in a furry suit, and losing her really wrecked me for a long time.

Jan – I spoke at a photography convention and then it also snowed there!
Feb – I found and repainted a full size carousel horse, and I still love to use my fake fireplace.
Mar – Quit added sugar and my azaleas bloomed for the first time.
Apr – Went to see Weird Al, and got my hummingbirds back.
May – Got out of a $500 ticket for trying to save roadside kittens, took the cutest selfies ever with a real unicorn.
Jun – A fabulous friend visited me, and my croscosmia bloomed for the first time!
Jul – Witnessed baby wrens leaving the nest on our front porch, and looked cute doing something really scary.
Aug – Visited seattle to hang out with my favorite west coast people!
Sep – Went to Dragon Con and got last pictures with my Stumpkitty.
Oct – Secondhand fitbit is still awesome and hairyography calendars went out.
Nov – Moved happy plants and it was cold enough for crazy socks again.
Dec – First foster kitty adopted out and my christmas cactuses bloomed!

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