May 11, 2020

20 years together. It sounds like forever, but it doesn’t feel like that long. I can honestly say that I don’t feel old enough to have a 20-year-old relationship! 20 years for us has been two apartments, one house, two cats, 17 foster kitties, three cars, one truck, a few jobs, two surgeries,

He has saved me from the bathroom when the doorknob stopped working and smashed many wasps for me. He didn’t blink an eye when I got a $300 ticket for blocking a Mississippi road while looking for kittens. He modeled twice for Hairyography and helped make a bunch of hardware for Fairyography props. He also nearly made us late for our honeymoon because he got pulled over in the airport security like for having a bookbag full of paperbacks and that looks like a bomb on the scanning machines.
We’ve supported each other through years of schooling and student loans. Things have been easy, and sometimes things have been really hard, but these 20 years I have been happy and have never wanted to spend it with anyone else.

What is the one thing that has disappointed you the most that you’ve lost due to the pandemic? For me, it’s our 20th anniversary pictures.

You see, John and I will celebrate our 20 years of being together at the end of this June. We began dating right before I turned 21, and I’ll turn 41 this year. We were planning to take a trip to Seattle for an actual vacation and spend the week out there doing fun things. I had planned to haul my wedding dress and veil and John’s suit and we’d get all dressed up again for photos because I’m a dork, and that’s the only dress I’ve ever loved, and John says I look amazing in it. I mean, when your book-loving farm guy with three black belts says you look amazing in a dress, it’s got to be true. Plus, he sucks at lying. 

Anyway, photos. The photographer that I wanted to do this for us would be the amazing Susan Stripling, because every time she posts something on her Instagram, it’s magical and it makes me want to get married all over again. I wanted to haul her out on the forests of the pacific northwest and hike in a 15lb dress with a train and make John laugh at my silly ideas and feel like a crazy person and get amazing pictures out of that hilarious adventure and look as magical and unawkward as I feel in that dress. 

Then came all of this. So now we can’t go out there, and even if we could, we couldn’t afford to pay Susan and get her out there, and that’s if she could even leave New York, so it’s just… probably not happening. I told John the other day that I guess I can hope for next year. Our relationship will be old enough to drink…

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