January 6, 2014

Top 10 photo for 2013

Top 10 Per year

Top 10 Per year

It’s super hard to pick just 10, but for each photo I’ll write a little about why I picked it and what I love about it. These photos are in no particular order! They all were taken with the Nikon D700 and the Nikon 85mm 1.4 or the Sigma 50mm macro 2.8 lens.

This is actually composite of two different images. I ended up having to take a picture of the girl separately from the sunset. So the sunset is actually the real sunset that we ended up with that night at the peach orchards, but I had to paste it in in Photoshop after I got back that evening. It was too bright to see and still see her face in the photo. She would’ve just been a silhouette.
Location: Thomas Orchards in Watkinsville
This was an exceptionally good year for fall color. I pose this little family underneath crêpe myrtle trees, as they were the orange thing at the gardens at that time. I just love how classy this couple looks with their baby. They love him so much, and his little baby hair sticking up all over the place never fails to make me laugh. The tans of the wardrobe with the babies burgundy shirt and the orange leaves go perfectly well together. Location: Georgia State Botanical Gardens
I have a thing for monochrome color palettes. Brown is also my favorite color! So I definitely wanted to get a very earth toned photo with the brown backdrop and the brown carriage. I wrapped this baby in brown cloth, with a tan knit cap on her head. Her little newborn squishy face and brown curls are just perfect for this photo. She was easy to pose in the carriage as well which made this photo session go very wonderfully! Location: Fairyography Studio on Lumpkin St in Athens Five Points
For this photo, her mom wanted a very Midsummer feel for her four-year-old portraits. So I suggested that we go out for a peach Orchard picnic. We got real peaches from Thomas Orchards, we got an Independence Day quilt, and made sure that she was in a sunny yellow dress.We had bubbles and peaches galore at the shoot. This is my favorite photo, because it shows her personality perfectly. I asked her if she liked the smell of peaches, so she bent over and licked them. Yes, we absolutely did eat them when we were done! So yummy! Location: Thomas Orchards in Watkinsville
Another picture at the peach orchards. This one cracked me up, because her mom is a photographer here in town. We went out to the peach orchards for this girls photo session, and ended up picking a night when I think half the town was also there. I had to Photoshop out about four people in the background of this picture. But the pink light coming through the pink blossoms of the trees and lighting up this little girls hair was so magical. I hung mason jars filled with flowers in the peach trees to add a little bit more depth to this photo. Location: Thomas Orchards in Watkinsville
Another brown monochrome color palette! I just can’t quit brown! These girls mom dress them in the fall persnickety clothing line that year and it was gorgeous. I love the little ruffles at the bottom of each skirt and dress, and these girls look great in brown and tan. I sat them on a rock at the botanical gardens to get the perfect lighting for this portrait. I had the bigger sister hold up the baby and I had mom just out of the picture frame on the left hand side, ready to grab the baby if something happened, but big sister was a champ, and never let go of her baby girl. Location: Georgia State Botanical Gardens
This is definitely not the first ice fairy session that I ever did, but it ended up being one of my favorites because of the added effort that I made to making this one different. I had her laying down on a blue curtain, and I put an ice wreath behind her head to add texture. I love the way she’s looking up at the camera, and her blue eyes just make her seem like the perfect ice fairy princess. Location: State Botanical Gardens of Georgia
This girl looks sweet and gentle, but she is a firecracker. She does not stop moving. She’s always been a challenge to photograph, and I think that’s why I like her so much! This session was for her five-year-old portraits, and we chose to take these pictures at Ashford Manor in Watkinsville. They have a beautiful garden at the back of the bed-and-breakfast and these rocks are at the edge of a little pond that the owners have built there. I asked her to lay on her belly to look into the pond, and managed to get about four pictures before she was completely done with that set of rocks. Thank goodness they were in focus! Location: Ashford Manor in Watkinsville
This whole session was hysterical. I wanted to do a Red Riding Hood session. I wanted it to be dark and moody, and I wanted to be able to do it with a minimum of Photoshop work. So I actually borrowed this taxidermy coyote from a local antique store in Watkinsville. They lent it to me because I went in and explained what I wanted to borrow it for, and they thought it was so funny that they told me as long as I shared pictures that I could use it. So here I am pulling up to the shoot with a taxidermy coyote in the back of my car. I opened the back of the car and this little girl jumped back even though I had explained to her what taxidermy was. Logically she knew that the coyote wasn’t alive. But she still jumped anyway. Then came having to get her to touch it for the photos. This is all happening at the State botanical Gardens, and as we were taking pictures the UGA men’s cross country team runs by as they’re practicing. We heard “holy crap what is that?” And we turn to look as the entire cross country team stopped dead in its tracks to watch this taxidermy coyote do absolutely nothing but stand there. We were all dying laughing as we had to explain to each of the guys that this coyote was dead. Anyway, we got a fabulous shoot and I packed up and headed home. Not wanting to leave it in my car, I brought it in. I walked in with it and my cats vanished. They took one look at this coyote decided it was going to eat them, and noped out for the rest of the night. Returned the coyote the next day and told the owners the story of the cross country team and my cats reaction. They told me that I could borrow the giant buffalo head on the wall next time. Location: Georgia State Botanical Gardens
I know, I think everyone knows about my love of glitter. Especially blowing glitter with the sun shining through it. I sent this little girl on a Stonewall at the botanical gardens and had her lean just slightly into the shaft of sunlight to gently blow this handful of glitter. I love how the sun catchers her curly blonde hair and tiny baby fairy wings. Location: Georgia State Botanical Gardens

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