November 15, 2013

Meet Arya – 2013 Memorial Princess

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Arya’s nominator writes “Arya Skye was just like any other little girl until one day a slightly swelled joint turned into a huge change in her entire life. Arya was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis 6 days before Christmas 2012 since then she has gone through numerous changes in her life. Arthritis in children is considered an autoimmune disease so in essence her body is attacking itself. Right before her 5th birthday she was started on an immunosuppressant, she now has limited exposure to large social situations due to her immune system now having been destroyed. It breaks my heart when she wants my son to over and play because we have to tell her no sometimes. For a little girl as happy and social as Arya is it’s hard for her to understand that we can make her sick. She has lost 50% mobility in one ankle, of course a weight bearing joint so she limps most of the time. She is constantly on the road going to a doctor. She isn’t the type to let anything stand in her way though! After being so thrilled about starting public school and having other children to play with… The first time she had even minor exposure to a virus she ended up with a serious infection it took weeks to clear up. At her doctor’s recommendation she will not be able to attend public school this year, but has named her independent home school program with her grandmother “the progress tree academy” the name comes from her determination to always progress!”

Miss Arya and her grandmother are my kind of people. And my MY kind, what I mean is that they are weird. 😛 I like weird people. I think everyone should know some weird people. So, Ayra here was actually doing well ankle-wise for her session. I did end up carrying her for half her shoot, but that was because she managed to get a huge blister on her toe. The docs have her on a new medication and it’s working really well for her! Still homeschooled, but that’s easy to understand when grandma makes school so fun. Arya is a silly, imaginative, gregarious little girl with quite the sense of humor. I hope she stays feeling good and that the RA doesn’t progress any more!

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