November 15, 2013

Meet Marti Love – 2013 Memorial Princess

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Marti’s Nominator writes: “I saw of your contest in Athens Banner Herald. I would like to nominate Marti Love Terrell of Elberton, GA. You can see Marti Love’s story via the Facebook page that has been set up for her “Pray for Marti.” Our entire community has come together in love and prayer for this sweet child and her family. She was diagnosed in 2009 with a craniopharyngioma tumor in her brain. After several surgeries she was sent to Proton Beam Radiation in 2011. She had a time of remission but as of July 2013 she is dealing with more growth of the “stupid tumor” as she calls it. Throughout this entire time, this sweet child has faced her trials with faith and a beautiful smile and hug for everyone she meets. I think she is more of a comfort for those she meets than we are for her. She remained in regular school for as long as she could until it became too much. She became self conscious about her hair loss and fatigue issues related to side effects of her treatments. She is now home schooled by her Mom. I would love to see her treated like the princess that she is. Anything we can do to add additional comfort, joy and laughter to her life would be a wonderful thing. You just have no idea what a ray of sunshine this little girl is. She has every reason to be down, but she is not. She is full of faith and love. Such an inspiration to all that cross her path. “

This was a full event! Not only did I meet Miss Marti Love and her mother at the salon for her hair, but we were also meeting Karli Barnett of Grady Newsource for her to film and interview us all for a news story. Not only did we have the salon filming, but we dragged everyone all over the garden for the entire shoot too!

I really was ASTOUNDED by this girl. It’s hard to describe just who and what she is. She’s a child but an adult. She’s giggly, but serious in mind. She really has this air of assurance around her that no child has. She’s SO mature for her age. SO brave and SO kind. She’s been through so much, but she still remains resilient and giving. Yes ma’am, no ma’am, she did everything I asked her to perfectly and without one single complaint. She never asks “Why me?” This is her life, and she accepts it, it’s just the way it goes. She has a sort-of old world romance feel with that red hair and beautiful eyes.

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