November 15, 2013

Meet Katie – 2013 Memorial Princess

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Katie was actually nominated three different times by three separate people!

Her first nominator writes “Katie is a little girl that I met in 2010 when she was our Heart Hero for our Heart Walk. Katie was only three, but she had already gone through more in her three years than most people face in their entire lives. Katie was born with a heart condition that has required several surgeries. This summer, Katie and her family learned that her last surgery was not successful and she is currently on the heart-transplant list. Katie is such a sweet little girl who can light up a room whenever she walks in. She and her family have been so supportive of us and have always been willing to share Katie’s story to help others. Here is a link to a video we did when Katie was our heart hero: It explains Katie’s heart issue WAY better than I could. Here is a link to Katie’s Heart Journey Facebook page:!/KatiesHeartJourney?hc_location=stream

Her second one writes “I thought someone may have already nominated her but just in case they hadn’t. If you read her story you know she’s had a long ride. I have been reading along and was surprised and overjoyed when she got the heart…and sad for the family who lost their child. We just never know. Thanks for giving these girls a chance to be a fairy princess.

And finally her third nominator writes “While I don’t know this little girl personally, I believe that Katie Testement deserves this wonderful opportunity. I have been following her page, and she is one tough, little warrior. As a mother of 5 kids, 1 of them being 6 years old, like Katie, I can relate to this story on some level. I will never understand all that they have gone through, due to lack of personal experience, but I believe this would be a wonderful change of pace for this amazing little girl.

Three people over three weeks. She must touch a lot of people! You’ll notice that her first person mentioned she was waiting for a heart, the second one mentions she’s just received it. That’s right, Katie got her new heart in the time I was running the contest! We took thinks pretty slow for this session, as Katie tires easily and is still in and out of the hospital for biopsies every two weeks. She’s all in all a pretty bouncy, cheerful girl, even coming up with her own photo ideas! She has a lot to say.. I felt like she is making up for time that she’s spent in doctors offices and hospitals, trying to cram in as much conversation with people as possible.

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