November 15, 2020

Meet Mariah – 2020 Memorial Princess

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Mariah was actually nominated by a previous Memorial Princess Mom Anna, who writes “We met Mariah when she and Marti Love were in rehab for many weeks together. Mariah was working on regaining some mobility. Since that time in rehab things progressed and got worse for Mariah. She is now paralyzed and is only able to move her head. I don’t know all the very hard and specific details of her struggles, but I do know she has suffered a long time and lost much due to a terrible brain tumor. Mariah also daily deals with very difficult obstacles. She is a beautiful girl and has such a sweet heart. She has been a kind friend to Marti Love. Like every girl her age she still wants to feel special and have exciting things happen. Being bound to a wheelchair is a heavy burden at any age and limits soooo many things in life, this would be a very special gift to her and her parents. Who work tirelessly to care for her and meet her very need.”

From Heather

So Mariah’s brain works just fine for thinking and talking, and she can feel her arms and legs, she just can’t move them. She also LOVES mermaids, and when her mom and I were on the phone she said something about mermaids in the background so that’s what I grabbed onto. I reused my jellyfish costume from a few years ago, got out the mermaid tail I knew would fit her, and happened to have a brand new backdrop that would look amazing with the whole setup. The whole result was even better than I ever thought it would be. I love the ocean feel to this and Mariah makes an utterly perfect mermaid. I love meeting her and we sang Little Mermaid songs for our whole session. She may have laughed at me that I knew the words.

Tail is from Fin Fun

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