November 15, 2020

Meet Chandler – 2020 Memorial Prince

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Chandler was nominated by Lynn, who writes “I think I understood that this year you guys were doing boys- if I’m wrong you can simply discard this but if not please read on! Chandler Griffin is a very special kid. He was diagnosed at birth with diabetes incepidus, cerebral palsy as well as being blind. Even given all these factors against him, Chandler is a wonderful, fun loving, positive, laughing at life child. He may not see, but that doesn’t stop him from exploring his environment. He may not be verbal but that doesn’t stop him from attempting to communicate with everyone he meets. He may not be able to move around the school but he knows everyone! His laughter is contagious. He is a total boy and loves when “boy noises” occur, he finds them hilarious. He also thinks it is beyond funny when others get in trouble around him. I’ve seen his sister work with him at home with expert hands. I’ve seen his mom plan trips that are totally Chandler focused (lots of tactile things due to his vision impairment). This family deserves a special treat and this student of mine deserves so much joy in his life!

From Heather

Chandler obviously did not say very much to me. At least, with words. He definitely has a way of saying things without them. His big giant smile while I was making fart noises was the absolute best. It’s actually easier for me to show you this family’s completed album instead of individual pictures. The album tells the story of this family’s togetherness better than pictures alone ever could. It really shows how much everyone in this family loves this kid. I actually had to head swap several of the family images because someone or another was constantly looking at Chandler. There’s so much going on in this family, but there is so much love.

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