November 15, 2016

Meet Bella – 2016 Memorial Princess

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Bella’s mom writes “I have a little girl who is about to turn 8. We call her our Pixie because she is tiny and looks like an angel but has a great deal of spunk and mischief in her! She has a genetic disorder called HHT (Cure HHT is a great site if you want info). Basically her arteries and veins grow together, burst and bleed. She has done so well but recently we received news that she has PAVMs in her lungs. Currently we are waiting to treat them as the risk is very high. As they grow the risk/benefit ratio changes and we will travel for her surgery. She became frightened upon reviewing this news but after a couple of days she began telling us “I got this! I am stronger than I look and I am brave!” I would love to have a photo shoot that highlights her strength maybe something like a pixie or sprite and not just sweet poses but poses of strength and courage and determination. She has a very strong personality and is so brave! She loves everything in the fairy realm ( fairies, pixies, mermaids) and I think would love one of your shoots.”

This wee precious girl came from south carolina to see me. She’s a fighter in a lot of ways and loves animals, so we made her into a forest protector. She LOVED that deer!

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