November 7, 2022

Have you heard of this software that runs off of your Lightroom? It’s an AI editing program. I thought it was pronounced Im-uh-gehn for years, but it’s actually Imagine. Like, imagine the possibilities. Imagine you can get your life back and get out from behind the screen. Imagine your fall family sessions are done and ready to order within two days of your session? Absolutely, yes please. That’s what I got when I tried Imagen for my edits.

So I was convinced this wouldn’t really be worth my time because there was no way it could learn to edit like me. I would say I have a pretty distinctive style and lots of people tell me they can recognize it easily. In order to learn how you like to edit, the software needs you to edit 3000 photos in one particular style and then let it see those edits in Lightroom. I actually don’t keep my raw images, so I had to go find some random ones I’ve kept on my external drive over the past decade and include some new ones, and then edit them all… but finally, I had the 3000 images and made my own profile.. I was so surprised.

I ran some family images through the first time, just 40 photos I had already culled and that wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for the computer, I thought. I got them back in about 50 seconds , whaaattt? Pulled them into Lightroom and was absolutely shocked as hell because THEY LOOKED LIKE ME. In 50 seconds this program had edited these pictures and made adjustments that were perfection. I was astounded. My husband was sitting there when they came in and he was like “oh those look like you for sure” and I was like “seriously, they look more like me than I do!!”

So then I ran the second session through. It looked like me. Then the third and it looked like my style too! Then I ran some other stuff I’d already made adjustments on myself and those came back perfect. So then I was like “fine!!” And I ran some through that I’d struggled with the location and lighting and the results weren’t great.. and damned if those didn’t come back looking better than what I did myself!!

Are you kidding me? I’ll take it. So in the end I had a weekend of 6 unicorn minis and another weekend of 4 family minis. So basically I had 10 sessions of at least 30 images each to edit. Normally that would take me three weeks. With Imagen, it was done in ONE DAY. ONE. STINKING. DAY. So I got my ordering appointments scheduled and most of them are already done now and those orders were placed before I would have even been finished editing last year. I’m not going insane this year trying to keep up with the fall portrait season. Can I kiss whoever made this program? THANK YOU Imagen for my life back this month. My butt doesn’t hurt from being trapped in my seat for days.

Use my link to sign up and get your life back too:

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