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Here I'll be sharing a variety of client stories as well as personal and educational articles. Read on to meet the special needs princesses I see every year, find client information, read about the tips and tricks I use on kids, and check out what gear I love.



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Why I switched from Canon to Sony

There are many reasons why people may like one brand of camera equipment versus another. Ask a room full of photographers which camera manufacturer they like the best, and you’ll get a lot of brand names thrown out there. Ask that same room of photographers WHY they like what they like best, and you’ll get […]

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Snow Studio Setup

I designed this snow setup. I love snow, but we don’t get any in Georgia! So I had to build it in the studio! Since I put so much into it, I decided to run a workshop and show other photographers how I’d built it. Where to buy Studio Clamps:¬†https://amzn.to/3KWPYxV 6ft Birch Logs: (if I […]

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Hoop Circle Swing How-To

How to build a circle hoop swing for photo sessions! Building a flower circle swing is easy! When I built my original hoop swing for a photo shoot in May 2015, I really had no idea it would become such a huge thing! Sadly there still isn’t a lot of information out there on how […]

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How to Carousel Horse for Photography

How to build and paint a carousel horse for photos This is a two-part post: the first section details how to build a carousel horse for kids photos from a child’s bouncy horse, and the second section details building a full size carousel horse suitable for older kids and adults. Part 1: Smaller horse How […]

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Why you should shoot detail shots

Detail shots are just as important to the story as faces. As photographers, we know a portrait session is usually to show the family or child’s faces. After all, that’s what a portrait is! But I think that a lot of the story or who that person is at the time isn’t in their face. […]

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Sigma 135mm 1.8 Art vs Canon 135mm 2.0 L

Sigma vs Canon 135mm lenses This week, the Sigma 135mm 1.8 ART lens shipped out to the people who pre-ordered it. Knowing the stellar reputation of the rest of the Sigma ART line, I did something I’ve never done before.. I pre-ordered it. I bought it with the intent to replace my Canon 135L which I love and use […]

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My love for the humble, cheap, Sigma 50mm macro

Sigma 50mm Macro 2.8 The Sigma 50mm macro 2.8 is now discontinued, but it’s been such a standby for me over the years that I bought three different copies for five different cameras. I bought it for my Canon Rebel XT in 2005, I think because it was cheap and I had no idea what […]

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CD Corruption and Data Loss

If you store your old photos on CD’s get them off of those old things and get them backed up some other way. Not only are CD’s going the way of the floppy disk, but they’re also prone to corruption and data loss. I just learned this the hard way. I thought I was doing well. […]

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Composition and Framing

Composition and Framing for Photographers One of the most asked questions I get from beginner photographers is how to pose people. But posing actually has a bigger base in composition and in-image framing (meaning how the other things in your location/image actually hold the subject), so I’ll go over that first! Often I see a […]

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