January 2, 2022

A little bit of magic contest



This year, it’s been a bit tough for everyone. I feel like last year, it was slightly easier because the pandemic was new and we were not tired yet. This year has been feeling like a slog through the mud and we’re all just exhausted. I need some magic, I need some happiness. I feel like everyone else does too. So I’m having a contest!

A pair of industry-leading photographers do this for their wedding clients each year and they’ve encouraged people to steal this idea. I absolutely loved the idea but of course, I don’t do weddings, so it’s going to be a bit different here at Fairyography. I’m including every family or person I did a session with for 2021.

You vote on your favorite person or family, and help them decorate their walls with magic! Totaly easy!


Just write a kind, creative, encouraging note for your favorite person or family or sisters in the “Comments” section below (at the very bottom of this page)! Tell them how they brought light and magic into your world this year! Be sure to include their names!

  • The people with the most comments on this post will receive a beautiful 16×20 framed print.
  • Every family who receives at least 50 votes will win a backed enlargement.
  • Every family who receives at least 25 votes will win a smaller print image.
  • Bonus: Every voter (that’s you!) is also entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate. 

Love, Heather – Fairyography

P.S. To vote now, leave a kind, creative comment below (on THIS post) that includes your chosen people’s names! We’d love to hear from unrelated Fairyography readers, too. (Which photo gets your vote!?) I’ll count comments – one per person – through April 2 and announce the winner!

Joe and Bethany
Marisa and Francesca
Ed and Leslie
Lucy and Alice
The Pittman Family
Alyssa and Addie
The Smith Family
Max and Holly
Nixin and Roxi

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  1. One of my favorite people would be my husband, Charlie Jordan, he has been a rock in supporting me after the loss of my cousin and my mother both who passed in Dec 2020 and both of our dogs around that time as well. It was such an emotionally tough time dealing with funeral planning and gathering up my moms items. I couldn’t have been as strong as I was without his support. After her passing, we decided we needed change and moved to a new town to start over.
    Naturally, I vote for the girl under Announcements but she’s not in the contest so Lucy & Alice get my vote!

  2. Daniela Moraes says:

    Let me just tell you it was extremely hard to vote for just one client, all the photos look amazing and everybody looks their best! Also, how magical is that baby unicorn?! After looking through them all and going back and forth I think I will vote for Liz and her little newborn princess <3 Their facial expressions and pose, the photo composition, and the colors look simply gorgeous! Happy New Year to all!

  3. James says:

    It was a tough decision, but I have to vote for Lucy and Alice. The lighting in their photo was perfect and made the subjects look enchanted. Well done!

  4. Tara Noe says:

    All of the photos are gorgeous, but my vote is Callie. That beautiful red hair and blue eyes. What a gorgeous dress and model pose.

  5. Donald B Behnke says:

    Adelei has truly been magic in my life. She has definitely left fairy footprints across my heart!

  6. Jill Rash says:

    Callie is my beautiful blue eyed, red headed granddaughter! She looked the part of a fairy in this lovely dress! She is such a sweet and kind hearted young lady.

  7. Wilda Young says:

    Adelei has added sparkle to the lives of all who meet her. I love her vibrancy and enthusiasm for life.Kind and gentle as well, this little lady stole my heart the first time I saw her picture.

  8. Donna Lane says:

    All the pictures are beautiful, but vote is for the fairy princess named Adelei, my great niece.

  9. Lisap says:

    Who doesn’t want to be a fairy princess? Adelei Behnke gets my vote.

  10. Vickie says:

    Lucy and Alice have my vote—what fun they had on that beautiful Sunday morning with Sky!

  11. Randolph says:

    I vote for the enchanting Lucy and Alice

  12. Nancy Abell says:

    My vote goes to Adelei for her great personality and her beautiful smile.

  13. Dominique says:

    Charli gets my vote.
    A girl and her Unicorn, this one is just stunning!

  14. Wendy says:

    It’s so difficult to choose as they are all so wonderful. My vote is for Charli.

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