January 14, 2015

Top 10 photos from 2014

Top 10 Per year

Top 10 Per year

It’s super hard to pick just 10, but for each photo I’ll write a little about why I picked it and what I love about it. These photos are in no particular order! They all were taken with the Canon 5Dmk3 and the Sigma 85mm 1.8 lens or the Canon 135mmL this year.

This girl is definitely one of my favorite girls. She is the daughter of our wedding DJ, and everyone still remarks on what amazing job he did that night. She is an owl fairy in this photo, and I had her laying on a fungus covered tree branch. I just love the way the feather wings frame the photo, but also add texture. Even the little feather ears on the top of her head are adorable.
Location: Georgia State Botanical Gardens
I was asked to do photos of this Merida dress from the dressmaker, Ella Dynae. I definitely found the perfect redheaded model for this session. She also does archery as a hobby! So she brought her own bow and I made a leather arrow holding quiver.Her eyes really are that color green, and her beautiful curly hair really is that shade of red. I wonder if she will be one of the girls that plays Merida at Disney World as she gets older. Location: Georgia State Botanical Gardens
This picture cracks me up every time I see it. Mostly because this kid is the same one that screamed bloody murder every time I put her in a princess dress for the first five years of her life! She hated dresses, she hated me, and she hated that her daddy wasn’t allowed in the pictures with her. I remember turning to her mom in the middle of this and asking “what the heck?”.. because she wasn’t screaming! I guess what she needed was a short dress and a carousel horse to ride. Location: Thomas Orchards in Watkinsville
I just have a thing for fairies blowing glitter, and this photo is no different. I love the gold light around her face, and her little eyelashes as she’s blowing this gold glitter. I’m not sure why, but children’s hands are one of my favorite things in photos. Her little fingers as she’s holding glitter to blow it are so delicate. I love the wings in this photo adding some more color, but they’re blurred out so they don’t distract from her pretty face. Location: Georgia State Botanical Gardens
This photo of a very serene little girl fairy laying in the grass is one of my favorites for this year because of the feeling that I get when I look at it. It’s calm, it’s dark, and it’s somewhat moody. I feel as if I have just come across a real fairy contemplating the breeze in the woods. If I’m careful, and quiet, I can take a picture without disturbing her. In real life, this little girl is exuberant and loud. She was telling me how great it was to be laying in the wet wet grass in her pretty fairy wings. She thought it was hysterical. Location: Georgia State Botanical Gardens
The four daughters in this photo are the four daughters of my photographer friend Stephanie. Stephanie lives in Idaho so she brought me out for pictures with her girls and some of her clients. We planned this picture for so long, and when the day finally arrived we got everyone dressed and sit out along this little trail for pictures.That was where the smiles ended. The two-year-old didn’t want to have anything to do with the stress, the four-year-old was over it before we started, the teenager didn’t enjoy pictures anyway, the six-year-old was the only one who is having a good time. At some point in this photo session, all three younger girls were crying. In fact, the first photo shoot went so badly that we rescheduled and did a second day. It was an utter nightmare of a photo session, and one of the outtakes from this section is actually the mom standing off to the side with an imaginary gun pointed at her own head. And yet, I still loved it. I think I love this photo more and more every year, because it’s beautiful, but also because it was a huge challenge to get it. The ones that make me work for it for the ones that I like best. Location: Animal Park in Lewiston Idaho
The mom of the daughter asked for this session and she told me, to just do my thing. She had no notion of what she wanted except for “pretty pictures “so I got to go all out and do a theme that I have wanted for a long time. I cut out about 300 vellum paper butterflies and I stuck them everywhere. I hung them from fishing line in the trees, I stuck them to a crown, I put them on a necklace, she was wearing a butterfly belt, I stuck them in her hair and arms, it was butterflies everywhere. I love this image shows off the color of her eyes and all of the detail in the butterflies that I spent so much time making. Location: Thomas Orchard in Watkinsville
This picture was one of the most well received images that I took this year. These girls started out this session as fall woodland fairies, but the horse was afraid of the wings. So we eventually had to take them off. In fact, we were shooting on a horse trail, and every horse we passed with the wings was terrified of them. It got so bad that I eventually had to go hide in the woods of the hill with the wings every time we would see another horse coming. This horse’s name is Red.I love that these girls are cousins and not sisters. They are each very different from each other. Location: Hard Labor Creek State Park in Georgia
It’s not often that I get asked to do boy sessions. This mom drove all the way up from Florida to have this photo session with me. She made the clothes that he’s wearing, the outfit that he has on underneath it, and even the little dagger in his hand. I love that this boy looks so much like he belongs in the woods. It’s like Peter Pan only in real life. The session was difficult because we had to reschedule it. We had only a certain number of days that they had booked the hotel for, but his mom got food poisoning on the day before we were supposed to take pictures! There’s no way that she was going to make it through an hour of walking through the woods and hot Georgia humidity, so we had to reschedule. I think it ended up being two full days of recovery for her! Poor thing. Not a very fun trip to Athens. Location: Georgia State Botanical Gardens
These two girls are the two youngest girls of my photographer friend in Puyallup Washington which is just outside of Seattle. She can miss you to me to come up to Seattle to do photos of her three daughters. This ended up being an epic three day long road trip through the rain forests of Washington state. The first day we had with a real live unicorn. The second day, we drove around to almost every waterfall imaginable. The third day we spent in the Hoh rainforest in Washington with all of the mossy trees. We spent so much time in the car, that we ended up having a Disney sing-along. We also stayed the night in forks, Washington which was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. This photo I loved so much of these two girls because they look so peaceful. You’d never know that I had accidentally laid them down in a pile of thorns. Washington state is covered in wild blackberries. They didn’t tell me until they sat up. Location: Sol Duc Falls in Washington State

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