January 7, 2013

Top 10 photos for 2012

Top 10 Per year

Top 10 Per year

It’s super hard to pick just 10, but for each photo I’ll write a little about why I picked it and what I love about it. These photos are in no particular order! They all were taken with the Nikon D700 and the Sigma 50mm macro 2.8 lens this year.

This brother and sister pair was my favorite photo of siblings this year. I love the long grass and as I sat them in it I made sure to pose them so that they would be cuddling. The perfect little green jacket that the girl has on matches with the green plaid that her brother has on. Their expressions are magical and I love that they still feel connected even though they’re looking directly at the camera.
Location: Georgia State Botanical Gardens
This mom and her two boys have always been interested in vintage. So she got the idea to do a roaring 20s photo session for her family. She got suspenders and cabs for all of them in and made sure to get a timely piece for herself. She did her own hair, and everything looked utterly perfect for her family session. I have always loved this awning in downtown Athens. It looks like something you’d see in New York City. So I made sure to position them under it, so that it would add to the classic vintage feel. I love that only one of the family is looking at me, they’re all engrossed in each other.I can completely imagine that they just went out to the opera and are now coming home and discussing how wonderful it was with each other. Location: Historic Downtown Athens GA
It’s not often that I end up with a newborn twins, and especially not often that they were both so soundly asleep at the same time. I knew I wanted to use this basket and I put them in a pose that they would be supporting each other’s heads with each other’s legs and feet. Two sweet newborn baby girls curled up together in a basket. This image won a Kelly Brown newborn contest on creative live. Location: Fairyography studio on Lumpkin St in Athens GA
This one definitely has a story behind it. I wanted a photo session that I could use for video marketing. So I had this little girl pick out an outfit on video and do her hair on video and a whole big pre-session everything for the video. It wasn’t video actually, it was stop motion. Because I didn’t have a camera that could do video at the time. Anyway, during the session I asked her to sit on top of a tree stump. Unknown to me, it was completely rotted and fell apart with her on top of it. It’s scraped up the back of her legs, so much that her mom had to run to the car for Band-Aids. In this photo she’s actually laying with her belly on a bench, so that the cut isn’t on anything and I can talk to her and distract her while mom is running to the car for Band-Aids. She has amber honey colored eyes and the light coming in hit them perfectly. I asked her if I could take this photo even though she was hurt and she told me that I could. Location: Georgia State Botanical Gardens
This pair of girls is five and three. Usually, a three-year-old will not sit and smile like this for a portrait. But this little baby girl was so excited to be a princess that she did whatever I asked her to do. I love the rock location for these. It looks natural, while still being fairytale princess Ella. The oldest daughter’s perfect blonde curly princess hair is the finishing touch in this portrait. Location: Georgia State Botanical Gardens
Little baby girl with her humongous amount of glossy black hair is so pretty to me. Red is definitely her color, and these are her three month baby portraits. I normally don’t enjoy a three month photo sessions, but this little girl makes me change my mind.Taken at my photo studio in Athens Georgia, I made sure to position her against a light background so that her hair and eyes would stand out. Location: Fairyography Photo Studio on Lumpkin St in Athens GA
It was taken at this mom’s house. The minute I walked in I saw these two pugs and knew that I wanted to include them in the babies portraits for at least one photo. This is the babies six-month photo session, and she thought these dogs were hilarious. I had the dogs sit right next to her, and then she leaned over to crawl and squealed. The dogs are looking at her and she’s laughing and looks on their faces to me are just hysterical. Location: At Home, Watkinsville GA
My favorite part of this photo is the little curl on the oldest princess here. That curls sticking out in front of her face as she’s twirling in the sunset with her sister. I deliberately bought red dresses for this photo session because I wanted them to go with the fall leaves’ oranges and yellows. The gold ruffles just add to that in my opinion.I love how you can see neither one of their faces but you can tell that they’re looking at each other. Location: Georgia State Botanical Gardens
This is a photo session that I thought it from start to finish. I planned to have a newborn baby in a tiny sleigh in a snowy scene. I made each of the tall trees behind her out of coffee filters and chicken wire. Then I hung cotton balls on fishing line from the ceiling to add extra depth. It was originally going to be hanging marshmallows, but the marshmallow goop gummed up the fishing line, and made it look extra nasty. Location: Fairyography Studio on Lumpkin St in Athens GA
This is probably still one of my favorite mother and newborn photos that I’ve ever taken. Probably because this mom did not plan to have her photos taken that day at all. I talked her into it, and she looks just sublime. I love monochrome color palettes, so her blonde hair and white tank top and white wall goes perfectly with both of their ivory skin tones and mom’s light eyes. Location: Fairyography Studio on Lumpkin St in Athens GA

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