January 2, 2012

Top 10 photos for 2011

Top 10 Per year

Top 10 Per year

It’s super hard to pick just 10, but for each photo I’ll write a little about why I picked it and what I love about it. These photos are in no particular order! They all were taken with the Nikon D700 and the Sigma 50mm Macro 2.8 lens this year.

This photo is of a friend’s child and I was one of my favorites of the year because not only do I love those friends and their daughter so much, but because she is so hilarious herself.I asked her to go climb into this little building on the botanical gardens property, knowing that she would see the circle windows and peek through them. There’s one window on either side, and I always pick the one on the right side because that one has better light. So I go to the right side and wait for the kid to notice me. When they do they inevitably smile or do something silly, but this kid was so thrilled that she started waving at me with both hands. Her little teeth and tiny curls are just perfect for her.
Location: State Botanical Gardens of Georgia
I love the light in this photo, and I love the little tilt that it has. He looks so adorable with his light eyes and bright hair. The little stepstool that he sitting on is placed in the leaves at the botanical gardens, and it just makes for a perfect simple fall baby portrait. Location: State Botanical Gardens of Georgia
This one will always be one of the photos that makes me laugh. I think over the years I have taken several photos that I just have loved the minute I click to the shutter and have never fallen out of love with those photos. This picture is one of those. This was taken as a promo shot for some bubble bath pictures.I filled up this little galvanized steel tub with water and soap bubbles put the bird cap on her head, and just let her go. At one point she stood up in the tub and yelled “ta-da!” It was the most adorable thing! Location: Fairyography Studio on Lumpkin St in Athens GA
These two girls are Ava Jane’s older sisters. The last time I saw them it was for a princess session with their sister. Their mom wanted something updated this time, but not princessy. So we went about as simple as you can possibly get. Just jeans and white tank tops. I thought it went well with their light eyes and blond hair. I post them in the grass, and wrapped their arms around each other because I wanted to emphasize the closeness that they still have. Location: State Botanical Gardens of Georgia
This is one of my Memorial princesses for the year, you can read her story here. For this photo the sun was a little bit higher than I would usually like but it created a nice halo to her hair, and I like being able to see it in the frame. I can see her shadow on the ground, and I love the way her dress shines in the sunshine. The color in this photo emphasizes the pink in the dress, and I feel like the plants make her look even tinier than she already was. Location: State Botanical Gardens of Georgia
The very first Ice Fairy session. There have been many since then, but this was at the very beginning. I made that ice crown out of Garland and pipe cleaners. I cut the wings out of foam core. I put more garland in the dress, and then added all of the snow and ice effects in the computer afterwards. I love the serene look on her face here. Fun fact, this girl actually has brown eyes. I changed them to blue to go well with the ice fairy look, and her cousin looked at this photos and said it couldn’t be her because she doesn’t have brown eyes. Location: State Botanical Gardens of Georgia
I don’t know how, but this girls hair is almost the same color as her eyes. She has orange hair, but her eyes are kind of a honey colored brown. I think she’s probably one of the most beautiful children I’ve ever photographed. I love her little curly red hair, and she had the sweetest disposition as well. She was modeling for a line of fairy dresses that I was being commissioned to photograph. Location: Fairyography studio on Lumpkin St in Athens GA
This photo of this little princess spinning in the peach orchards I have loved for a long time. I love the way the dress is flying out as she twirls, I love seeing her weightless hair, but best of all is the smile on her face. Pink trees are a perfect location for a blush princess dress. Location: Thomas orchards in Watkinsville
I think blowing dandelion heads is one of the most recognizable parts of childhood. It’s like birthday cake or bubbles or the ice cream truck. Everyone you know has done this at some point in time.Definitely the best way to photograph dandelion seeds in the wind is backlit. Which means, that you put the sun behind your subject. I turn her to the side because I want to see the seeds by themselves and not in front of her face, and just have her blow gently. Pretty simple, but it makes such a powerfully recognizable photograph. Location: Home in Watkinsville GA
These two girls are some of my long-time favorite clients. I’ve known the oldest since she was two, and the baby since she was a newborn. This is the first fairy session I’ve had for them though, so her mom and I wanted to make it super special. I got them matching blue fairy outfits with wings and crowns and little necklaces. I love their little bare toes in this photo, and their little wispy hair. Location: State Botanical Gardens of Georgia

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