November 15, 2016

Meet Quinn – 2016 Memorial Princess

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Quinn’s mommy writes ” Hi Heather. A lot has changed since we saw you last. We just got home from an eight day stay in the hospital with Quinn. I feel like it is meant to be that I received this email today. I have never experienced such strength and grace in a four year old in my life. She was diagnosed with brain cancer two Wednesday’s ago. On Friday July 22nd she endured a seven hour brain surgery to remove 1/2 the tumor and a five hour surgery on July 26th to get the remaining portion. We still don’t have the final pathology report back but have been told it is a low grade tumor. The surgeon believes he got between 85-90% of the tumor removed, but had to leave a portion in the brain stem. Quinn is still working with the speech pathologist and physical therapy. We go back for our two week post op visit on August 11th. We have a long road ahead and I have never been so scared in my life. Quinn is so strong and loved her mini session. She should definitely be treated like a Queen today and forever.”

Heather says “Never have I been so upset to add someone to my list of girls for the year, because this is one of the girls I have taken pictures of BEFORE she ‘qualified’ for these special sessions. I knew it would happen one day, and there it was. But Quinn is weathering her battle proudly. Misses had just ONE request for me: MERMAID! Right as we finished this shoot, the wind whipped up and blew a lot of the leaves out of the tree we were sitting under. It was magical.. we looked up and it was like that moment was the end of summer.”

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