November 15, 2016

Meet Peyton – 2016 Memorial Princess

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Peyton’s Nominator says “Hello, I would like to nominate Peyton for the fairy princess. Peyton is an extraordinary little girl who has a rare genetic condition called Williams syndrome. Because of this she has encountered developmental delays and also health issues. Actually, one of the physical traits of the syndrome is to look like a little fairy. Peyton is very loving and endearing and most people who meet her love her. She loves to blow kisses to people and tell them she loves them. Peyton is six years old and has had to endure many doctors appointments, tests, and surgery. She is a very happy girl. She loves all the Disney princesses and loves to dress and act like a princess as well. I believe that she is very deserving of this treat. Thank you for your consideration, Lydia”

Heather says “Peyton IS a fairy princess. The second of the girls I’ve met with Williams Syndrome, they are each quite different from each other, so it was neat for me to see how different. I do my best to try and treat each of my special girls like a girl and not a diagnosis, and she made me re-evaluate how well I do that because I thought I knew it all going into this and she tossed it all out the window. 🙂

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