November 8, 2011

Meet Mia and Anna – 2011 Memoria Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Karen Gerow writes “I would love to nominate Mia and Ana for the Princess Photo Sessions.

These beautiful girls have had a tumultuous couple of years. They lived in south Georgia, but unfortunately their home was not a safe place for them to be. They do, however, have a loving aunt in Athens. Janet High provided a warm loving home for her nieces every chance she got. She would love to give them a permanent home with her and her husband, but unfortunately that is not yet an option. So instead, Janet would drive to south Georgia to get her nieces when circumstances deemed necessary, and despite the heart break, return them when she had to.

Recently, Janet was awarded custody of the girls for a year. I know this year of having a stable, safe, loving home will do wonders for both girls. I am nominating Mia and Ana for the princess photo sessions because it seems like the perfect way to celebrate having a childhood free of fear – the way childhood should be.

Truthfully, though, this nomination is as much for Janet as it is for the girls. Janet has had a crazy couple of years herself. She and her husband lost their home and everything they own just a little over a year ago. Janet is working on her Ph.D, and I’m sure the loss of her laptop and research was almost as devastating as losing her house.

Despite her own problems, though, Janet would take off at the first ring of the phone to get the girls when they needed somewhere to go. Janet teaches with my husband in Oglethorpe Co. He would tell me of times when Janet drove through the night to get the girls, and then, without any sleep, she’d go straight to school to teach rambunctious eighth graders.

I can’t think of a better gift for this family than the princess sessions. It’s time these girls got to feel like royalty.

From Heather: These girls are gorgeous, aren’t they? Mia is a super patient sweet older sister, even while Ana was melting down a few times. The most smiles we got out of poor Ana was when Mia was on her way over tickle her! These girls have had it rough, but they are really blossoming under Janet’s care and love.

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