November 15, 2012

Meet Kailey Lynn – 2012 Memorial Princess

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Kailey’s nominator Dixie Mitchell writes “I know a young lady named Kailey Lynn. She’s 9 years old. She is an amazing girl, and everyone loves being around her! She can brighten anyone’s day! But, Kailey has faced some obstacles in her lifetime. She faced a very traumatic birth, and was born with Cerebral Palsy ,and Epilepsy. All throughout her life, she has had a roller coaster ride of good-health and bad-health. At the beginning of this year, she had a seizure so bad, Melissa(her mom) and I were very sure she was not going to make it out of it. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life…
But, even when she’s in good-health, Kailey faces obstacles daily. Not being able to use her right hand a lot, kids not understanding her, or even adults making fun of her.
I believe that she deserves this fairytale princess shoot because she is a princess! She faces so many obstacles with her health and daily life functions, and doesn’t quit. Kailey Lynn gives her all when she tries to do something! She loves taking pictures! If you give her a camera, or your phone, she will go straight to taking pictures.
I believe Kailey Lynn is the most deserving girl of this!

From Heather: Kailey and I actually have Epilepsy in common! I first met Kailey and her mom at ESP’s Jump Fly before I tossed myself out of a perfectly good airplane. Her mom and her crew jump every year! I was glad to see her again and have some more in-depth time to get to know them both this year. Life has not been easy for this pair. Kailey was actually born silent and started breathing on her own while her mom was filling out the paperwork. Then she was told she’d never live longer than a few days, then she was told she’d never walk, never talk, never do anything but be a vegetable. I tell you, this is the child who CAN! She can talk, she can walk, she can dance and run and twirl.

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