November 15, 2017

Meet Kaelin – 2017 Memorial Princess

Memorial Princesses

Memorial Princesses

Kaelin’s mommy writes “I would like to nominate my sweet girl, Kaelin for your Memorial Princess session. Before Kaelin was born, I had an overwhelming feeling that she would have special needs. I didn’t know what this would look like for her, since no tests showed signs of concern. I just felt my heart was being prepared for the beautiful, special girl that would become my daughter. Kaelin is 12 years old now, and her journey has been filled with us searching for answers about her. Searching for the right way to teach her, discipline her, and even love her the way she needs to be loved. Though she was developmentally delayed from birth, she received her first diagnosis of Apraxia of speech at age 4. She lost most of her hearing at age 7 and was diagnosed with Autism later that year. At 11 years old, she went through genetic testing and is believed to have Mitochondrial disease. Even as recently as this spring, we found that Kaelin has osteopenia and we are currently searching for what is causing her low bone density and ways to reverse it. She has definitely been a puzzle to her many doctors and therapists over the years. All those struggles aside, Kaelin is a sweet, energetic little girl who loves people and is a light wherever she goes. She loves all sorts of music and has an amazing gift for memorizing books and songs. We call her our little hummingbird, because she is always flitting from place to place while dancing and singing. Her smile lights up a room. Her giggle is infectious. She is simply the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known. Daily life is not always easy with Kaeliln’s needs, and her road in life is uncertain, but the joy she brings to her father, brothers and I is more abundant than any difficulties we could ever encounter. Thank you for taking the time to read our sweet girl’s story. I know if you meet her, you will fall
in love with her just like we did.”

Heather says: She was right! I did fall in love with her. We spent the night laughing and singing, and she talked about what a pretty dress she had on the whole time. What a gorgeous girl!

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