March 20, 2023

I get asked a lot what I use for photography, so I’ve made a list here! This is a current list as of 3/19/23. I usually trade in my old gear when I upgrade so there’s a lot of gear that I have used in the past that isn’t on this list right now. The photos are links, just click on one to buy!


Sony a7rv. This is my main camera. I use this for all of my client use, and the majority of my macro photos. It also does fantastic video.
Sigma FP L. I use this for video, travel, and macro images. I like this one because it is light and easy to use.
Sony ZV-1 I use this for educational videos and youtube.


Sigma 24-70mm DG DN Art. This is my studio and downtown dancer lens. It’s also the only zoom lens I own. I’m definitely not a zoom lens girl, but this gets the job done when I need to be in a short space.
Sigma 70mm macro DG DN Art. I use this to go find bugs and take flower pictures. I prefer the 105 mm macro because it tends to be a little bit more forgiving and I don’t have to be as close to my subject.
Sigma 85mm 1.4 DG DN Art. This is my most used client lens, I get nice bokeh without having to back up as far. This is probably my favorite lens that I own and I use it on my camera the most for outdoor pictures of kids or families.
Sigma 105mm 1.4 DG HSM Art. This lens just adds a bit more magic than my other ones, but it’s huge and heavy. This is my favorite lens for strong back lighting. It handles that better than anything else I’ve ever used.
Sigma 105mm macro DG DN Art. I use this for bugs and flowers. Oh I like this lens slightly better than the 70 mm because it’s a little bit more forgiving. This is also the lens I recommend for beginners to macro photography.
Sigma 135mm 1.8. This is a Canon version I use on the FP L camera with the MC-21 adapter. This focal length is gorgeous, but I don’t seem to use it as much because I can’t back up as far here in Georgia without getting things in the way.


Sigma 1.4x teleconverter. I use this on my macro lens with the FP L for better magnification.
Macro Diffuser for the flash. Cygnustech, MK Diffuser.. etc. There are lots of brands, this shape is the key.
Godox A1 flash for macro, goes in the funky looking diffuser.
Platyball for easy tripod use. I really hate the knobs on my tripod and this makes it much easier to use and much more precise.
Raynox 250, put on the front of my lens for more macro magnification. You’ll need a step-up ring to use it with the 70mm.
Neewer tripod. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it as much as others.


Cheapy Amazon bag. I don’t love it but I haven’t found anything that works for me better yet.
Thinktank SD card wallets. The red is for cards I can’t use, the green is for cards that I can. I wrote over enough cards accidentally before this system.
Spiderholster. This saves my life by letting me carry the camera on my hips instead of my neck and shoulders. It has a lock so the camera doesn’t jump out of the holster when your hands are not on it.


Adobe lightroom, for culling and batch edits.
Adobe Photoshop, for fine-tuning final images.
Imagen AI, for doing all the boring fiddly editing color work for me.
Helicon Focus, for stacking macro images.
Topaz AI for sharpening and de-noise for those dark macro images.

Studio Lighting

Glow 34in softbox. I use this when I want to get a bit more dramatic light.
86in PLM soft silver with the diffusion fabric in front. I use this for babies and very soft light.
Godox AD600 flash unit, for the main light for dancers in studio when I need a fast shutter.
Godox AD200. I have two of these to add more light into smaller places.
Geekoto NC200. Continuous light, easier to use than flash but not as bright.
Geekoto LS-20 small lightbar, I use for macro.

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